1,000 AA Bonus Miles For $1 With The AA Shopping Portal 0

Wall Street Journal

The AAdvantage shopping portal has announced a promotion awarding you 1,000 bonus miles after you sign up for a 2-month trial subscription to the Wall Street Journal. The initial subscription will set you back $1 and is valid for the digital and/or print edition of the newspaper.

The Deal

  • Promotion is valid on purchases through October 15, 2018, 11:59 pm ET
  • Promotion is valid on a two-month subscription to the Wall Street Journal
  • Promotion is valid for the digital and/or print versions of the Wall Street Journal
  • The $1 trial fee is non-refundable
  • The trial subscription must remain active for at least 45 days
  • After the two-month trial, the subscription will roll over to a monthly subscription

Taking advantage of this promotion means you are essentially purchasing AAdvantage miles for 0.1 cents apiece; which is the cheapest we have seen AA miles.

Shopping Portal Points

Earning points from airline shopping and dining portals may initially seem a little lackluster. Generally, the number of points earned is not that big and having to register and shop through the portal can be a hassle.

Doing your everyday shopping through airline programs is not a great idea; however, they are always worth keeping an eye on since every now and then a gem of a promotion turns up like this one. Remember even though you are not earning a lot of miles each time if you make several transactions per year all those small numbers of miles will soon add up to a significant number.

Another benefit of shopping through airline portals is that if your miles are about to expire due to inactivity, in most cases earning miles through an airline shopping portal will reset the clock and keep your miles from expiring. In some cases, if you have a substantial balance that is about to expire, you may want to consider making a small purchase through an airline portal to keep your miles alive.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of what you think about the Wall Street Journal, this promotion is a total no-brainer. Buying AA miles at 0.1 cents apiece makes total sense. Whether you choose to enjoy the WSJ for a couple of months or just ignore it, the promotion makes sense. One thing to remember unless you fall in love with the WSJ you will have to cancel after 45 days but before the two months are up. Otherwise, your subscription will roll over to a monthly subscription costing $22.50 per month.

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