The World’s Longest Routes Planned For The Rest Of 2021

What are the world’s longest non-stop routes between July and December this year? We see that there are 24 routes over 8,000 miles. To be eligible, they must be bookable by the general public, even if only on a limited-time basis. And while they may be pushed back (or cut), they are based on the latest available data from June 28th.

The World’s Longest Routes Planned For The Rest Of 2021
Singapore Airlines relaunched non-stop service to Newark in 2018 using the A350-900ULR. This was five years after it ended the route due to the A340-500 exiting its fleet. Photo: Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple Flying.

The world’s top-10 longest routes

Perhaps not surprisingly, the world’s longest route is Singapore to New York JFK with Singapore Airlines, as indicated below. The A350-900ULR operates the 9,537-mile service, with a block time of 18 hours and 40 minutes to the US and 18 hours and 50 minutes back. The aircraft has 161 seats: 91 in premium economy and 67 in business.

The route switched from Newark, the Star Alliance hub, in 2020. However, it will revert to the New Jersey airport from October 31st, marginally reducing its length. Singapore Airlines previously used the very niche and performance-limited A340-500 for such long missions.

  1. Singapore to New York JFK: 9,537 miles (later Newark: 9,534 miles); Singapore Airlines
  2. Perth – London Heathrow: 9,009; Qantas
  3. Singapore – Los Angeles: 8,770; Singapore Airlines
  4. Bangalore – San Francisco: 8,701; Air India and United Airlines
  5. Houston – Sydney: 8,596; United Airlines
  6. Dallas – Sydney: 8,578; Qantas
  7. Manila – New York JFK: 8,520; Philippine Airlines
  8. Singapore – San Francisco: 8,446; Singapore Airlines
  9. Atlanta – Johannesburg: 8,439; Delta
  10. Dubai – Los Angeles: 8,339; Emirates
The World’s Longest Routes Planned For The Rest Of 2021
This year, Houston to Sydney non-stop is bookable only on a few occasions. However, a once-daily service is presently bookable from January 1st onwards. Image: Google Flights.

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Bangalore to San Francisco

At 8,701 miles, Bangalore to San Francisco is the world’s fourth-longest non-stop route. Air India launched it in January 2021, and it is due to resume in early August on a twice-weekly basis using the 238-seat B777-200LR. These have eight seats in first, 35 in business, and 195 in economy.

The World’s Longest Routes Planned For The Rest Of 2021
Ultra-long-haul (ULH) is enormously hard to work in the best times with low fuel prices and a strong economy. Fuel becomes a more dominant cost as sector length increases. ULH requires high fares from strong premium demand. Photo: Kentaro Lemoto via Wikimedia.

United to join Air India in September

United Airlines’ much-anticipated once-daily service to Bangalore is currently scheduled to leave San Francisco on September 8th. It is due to depart at 18:55 and arrive in Bangalore two days later at 00:50. Returning, it’ll leave Bangalore at 03:55 and arrive back in California the same day at 08:30.

Why San Francisco-Bangalore? In 2019, it had approximate point-to-point demand of 137,000, booking data obtained from OAG Traffic Analyzer indicates, driven by the technology hubs. For all of India to San Francisco, demand was over 700,000. Emirates carried the most passengers.

The World’s Longest Routes Planned For The Rest Of 2021
The Boeing 787-9 will be used from San Francisco to Bangalore. Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple Flying.

Other routes over 8,000 miles

Other ULH routes over 8,000 miles are detailed below. Qatar Airways from Doha to Los Angeles only slightly misses out on being in the top-10 list. From mid-July, the route increases to twice-daily, with both services by the A350-1000. These have 327 seats: 281 in economy and 46 in business. In 2019, the carrier carried more passengers from Los Angeles to Yerevan than to any other destination.

The World’s Longest Routes Planned For The Rest Of 2021
The A350-1000 presently plays an important role from Hong Kong to JFK, although it’ll mainly revert to the B777-300ER later in the year. Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple Flying.
  1. Doha – Los Angeles: 8,306 miles; Qatar Airways
  2. Hyderabad – Chicago: 8,263; Air India
  3. Manila – Toronto: 8,221; Philippine Airlines
  4. Auckland – Chicago: 8,184; Air New Zealand
  5. Dubai – Houston: 8,168; Emirates
  6. Hong Kong – Dallas: 8,123; American Airlines
  7. Dubai – San Francisco: 8,103; Emirates
  8. Doha – San Francisco: 8,087; Qatar Airways
  9. Singapore – Seattle: 8,070; Singapore Airlines
  10. Hong Kong – New York JFK: 8,072; Cathay Pacific
  11. Bangalore – Seattle; 8,066; American Airlines
  12. Hong Kong – Newark: 8,065; United Airlines
  13. Doha – Houston: 8,048; Qatar Airways
  14. Dubai – Dallas: 8,040; Emirates

Are you planning to fly any of the 8,000-mile-plus routes this year? If so, let us know in the comments.