The Biggest A320 Family Orders Of 2019

When it comes to Airbus’ single-aisle aircraft, the A320 family remains at the forefront. This year Airbus has gained a rather significant number of orders on its new engine option aircraft. These are the largest A320 family orders of 2019…

Which airlines ordered the most A320 Family aircraft? Photo: Airbus

A321neo biggest orders

The A321neo is Airbus’ most successful single-aisle aircraft for 2019 orders. With 20% reduced fuel burn per seat, enhanced engine, and the trademark “Sharklets” the aircraft is built to provide increased revenue potential as well as a better customer experience. In total, Airbus received orders from 16 airlines in 2019 for the A321neo amounting to a total of 440 aircraft. But there were a few airlines who dominated sales.

Two airlines, in particular, have really bought into Airbus’ vision. IndiGo placed the largest order for A321neo aircraft this year. It secured a deal estimated to be worth $33 billion back in October for 300 A320neo family aircraft. But it favored the A321neo over the A320neo, ordering 213. For IndiGo, the deal is part of a massive expansion that will help the airline to achieve better connectivity and provide better fares to more customers.

Indigo will use the A321neo as part of a big expansion that will improve connectivity. Photo: Airbus

Aside from IndiGo, the next highest order was placed for significantly fewer aircraft. Air Arabia placed an order for 23 A321XLR at the Dubai Airshow last month amid thriving competition in the Middle East. According to Airbus, the airline’s total A321neo aircraft order came to 47 units this year. Like Indigo, it also went on to invest in Airbus’ A320neo aircraft however unlike its low-cost adversary Air Arabia placed a larger order for the A320neo.


Other notable orders for the aircraft came from AirAsia X Malaysia with 30 orders and from American Airlines and Wizz Air who both ordered 20.

A320neo biggest orders

Whilst Airbus’ A320neo did not receive as many orders as its A321neo counterpart, globally this aircraft is the more widely used by airlines. Comparatively, Airbus secured 156 fewer aircraft orders than the A321neo with 284 orders placed by 14 airlines.


Again, the highest orders for this aircraft came from IndiGo and Air Arabia. Whilst Air Arabia made the majority of its orders in the A320neo, it was IndiGo who ultimately secured the largest order in 2019.

IndiGo has an order with Airbus for 87 aircraft. In total, IndiGo has requested 332 A320neo aircraft, according to Airbus. The airframer has fulfilled 92 of these orders so far.

For the A320neo, Air Arabia placed an order of 73 units. These orders will add to Air Arabia’s Airbus-only fleet which already has 54 A320 Family aircraft.

Air Arabia placed the majority of its investment in the A320neo. Photo: Airbus

Other notable orders this year came from Saudi with 30 aircraft and All Nippon Airways with 18 A320neo orders.

A successful year for the A320 Family?

Despite failing to secure any A318 orders and only one private A319neo order – whilst accruing eight A319neo cancellations – the A320 family has had a more successful year than in 2018. Airbus secured gross total orders of 725 aircraft compared to 2018’s 577 orders. And, amid a sequence of issues with competitor Boeing, the airframer has managed to secure more customers from its competition. One such feat comes from Qantas. It has said that it will choose the A350-1000 over Boeing’s 777X if its Project Sunrise does go ahead.

But Boeing itself is gearing up for an impressive 2020. How will orders for Airbus pan out next year? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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Gerry S

I scolded American Airlines yesterday for not purchasing “other” a/c. Apologies are in order as I see here that they have indeed ordered 20 Airbus a/c. Sorry folks.


AFAIK, they’re ordering A321’s to replace their B757’s, as Boeing currently aren’t making anything for that market-sector.


Interesting analysis and clear presentation of sales data for the current year. The 320 NEO is a great success story; perhaps more than that was imagined by Airbus. 7200 unit sale as on date within a period of 11 years versus 8135 for Airbus CEO over a period of maybe 24 years is itself evidence of the success. Size wise the market has moved on more towards 321 than the 319 & 318. Airbus has intelligently captured the market of 757 replacement too. With the Airbus 220 100/300 range being available, sacrificing the 319 & 318 is also a clever… Read more »

Joanna Bailey

Airbus has a lot going on behind the scenes. Their E-Fan X project is aiming to bring a more electric, more fuel efficient aircraft to market within the next decade. In the meantime, the A321XLR is ticking a lot of long range, single aisle boxes. Add hybridisation and perhaps more composites to that airframe and I think they’ll be there.


Just been announced that United Airlines has placed an order for 50. A321XLR Aircraft !!

Tony Wallace

Boeing has had a bad attitude towards quality for a long time now, such as installing parts it knew were not made to specification. Quality issues with existing aircraft will take time to become apparent. Pickle forks and Max groundings a mere symptom of deeper systemic failures. I won’t fly in one. Any airline to that buys one is buying a lemon.