3 Cats Go Missing Onboard Transatlantic Flight

There was havoc on a transatlantic flight as passengers onboard were scrambling to look for three missing cats. Details of the events were shared on Twitter last night.

A340 Plane Silhouette
There was confusion as fliers were searching high and low. Photo: Getty Images

A long-haul trip

News.com.au reports that the cats were flying with their owner onboard but decided to go for a tour in the economy cabin. The site shares tweets from ABC reporter Jeffrey Cook who detailed messages from a friend who was in the skies. He didn’t share what route the friend was flying on, but the events were happening while hopping over the Atlantic Ocean.

Cook said that it wasn’t one but three missing felines. The cats had passengers crawling in the cabin on their hands and knees. Altogether, they had been missing for at least an hour before the reporter received the messages.

Further updates

Some minutes later, Cook gave a positive update to the situation. He said that one of the cats was found snug in a passenger’s bag. There is uncertainty to whose luggage the pet decided to sit in. However, there was at least some progress.

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Additionally, there was a revelation that one of the cats never actually got lost. So, the chase was now reduced to only one cat, with only an hour left on the flight. The woman with the cats allegedly screamed, “Where is my baby?!”

One of the cats was found in a bag onboard the plane. Photo: Toyah via Wikimedia Commons

The outcome of the search for the third cat is currently inclusive, as Cook signed off for the night. This cliffhanger has left the journalist’s followers in suspense, and many have barraged him with tweets for an update.

A Twitter user named Neil messaged Cook with the following:

“Don’t leave us w/this cliff-hanger…Call the airline and get the owner’s name; interview her. Did she get her ‘baby’ back? Can she prove she had three? (Didn’t the stewardesses check them on board)?”

However, Cook feels that there may never have actually been a third cat as the woman went to sleep during the search. Nonetheless, there isn’t currently any confirmation about the outcome. If there was a third pet, hopefully, those onboard found it on the plane.

Care needed

Traveling with pets often requires careful planning. Generally, it’s always better to check airline policy as some carriers can cater to the needs of the pet better than others. Whether it’s a cat, dog, or another animal, additional research can make all the difference when they hit the air.

Pet dog with glasses checks in
There are several options for those traveling with pets. Photo: Getty Images

Simple Flying will keep an eye on any extra information that emerges regarding this flight. We will update this article with any further details that arise regarding the event.

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