5 Singapore Airlines Kris Flyer Sweet Spot Award Redemptions 0

Singapore Airlines 777

Regardless of whether or not you plan to fly to Singapore in the future, you can benefit by earning Singapore Airlines Kris Flyer miles (or even converting American Express points to Kris Flyer miles) and then booking excellent award flights with other airlines, to destinations all around the world.

Here are the top sweet spot award redemptions on the award chart, so you can take full advantage of this beneficial program.

1. North America to Hawaii

We’ve talked about it before, but it still remains the same – using your Kris Flyer miles to fly to Hawaii from the West Coast is a great deal, particularly when you fly first class. Use a Star Alliance partner award to fly on United for 30,000 miles each way in first-class, with no fuel surcharges. For comparison, if you were to book this flight using United MileagePlus miles, you’d end up spending 40,000 miles each way for first class.

2. Travel within North America

Air Canada

You can fly United and Air Canada via your Singapore Airlines Kris Flyer miles, for less than what you would pay in miles if you booked with either airline’s reward program. For example, you can fly one-way business class on either for 20,000 miles, which would be 25,000 miles with both United MileagePlus or Aeroplan. Additionally, in first class, you’d pay 30,000 Kris Flyer miles, as compared to 35,000 United MileagePlus or Aeroplan miles.

3. Europe to the MENA Region

Outside of the Western Hemisphere, you can fly from Europe to the Middle East using your Singapore Airlines Kris Flyer miles, for a much better deal than what you’d get with most European carriers. Between Europe and MENA, you’ll use 17,500 miles in economy class or 25,000 miles in business class. Think about it – that’s just 50,000 miles for a full return trip in business class, from locations like London, Frankfurt and Zurich, to Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

4. Asia to Australia and New Zealand


Between Asia and Australia and New Zealand, you can fly for as little as 20,000 miles in economy class each way; 32,500 miles in business class; and 47,500 miles in first class. However, keep in mind that the costs for flights to New Zealand are on the higher side and harder to find.

5. Travel within Asia

Travel within Asia is often very cheap, so some flyers may forgo using their award miles when traveling in the region. However, there’s one time that you can save money by using award miles while traveling in this part of the world. When you’re traveling within Southeast Asia, you can use your KrisFlyer award miles to fly for a cost of 7,500 miles in economy; 17,500 miles in business; or 25,000 miles in first class.

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