5 Ways Your Airport Experience Could Change Amid COVID-19

The new normal has everyone speculating about how travel will emerge long term. Which of the current safety measures will stay, and which will prove to be a step too far? Without a doubt, passing through an airport will never be the same again. We take a look at some of the ways your airport experience will change in the future.

Passenger wearing masks near deaprtures boarding in Rome Airport
What will change at the airport in the post-COVID world? Photo: Getty Images

Seeing what was coming

Simple Flying caught up with Mike Cohen, founder of TheHandiGroup.com, a new enterprise looking to address some of the most common pain points experienced by airports and their passengers. Having worked with China for 25 years, Mike was acutely aware very early on about the impact COVID would have on the world. He told us,

“I was warning friends, clients, from the end of December about a virus in China that could potentially affect their orders. People thought I was making excuses. No one would listen about a virus which was, to them, thousands of miles away.”

Undeterred by the reaction of his clients, Mike set out to develop a range of solutions for simple, effective sanitization of both people and environments. Many of these products are incredibly relevant for the airport, and we fully expect them to become part of the travel experience in the ‘new normal.’

1. Rapid and easy pre-flight sanitization

Arriving at the airport, passengers will need to ensure they are ready to fly, safely and hygienically. While some airports and airlines are providing things like hand sanitizer, is it enough to rely on this provision and to be forced to crowd around a dispenser as you arrive at the airport?

The HandiBac offers a quick, easy and stylish means of sanitizing small items and hands. Photo: HandiGroup

Many passengers find that traveling with their own sanitization device is preferable to using the communal ones, and the HandiGroup has come up with a super solution for this need. The HandiBac spray is a convenient, multipurpose sanitizer, suitable for use on hands, clothes and even devices like smartphones. The 15ml liquid cartridge is re-fillable and the great news is you can carry your HandiBac on board any aircraft being so compact, so you can now be safe anywhere you go

But what about the people themselves? Wouldn’t it be ideal if the whole person, clothes and all, could be sanitized before boarding the plane? Well, the HandiGroup has come up with a unique means of ticking this box too. The HandiChannel is a walk-through sanitizing device, which uses ultraviolet light to effectively kill 99.999% of bugs and viruses, including the one which causes COVID-19.

The walk-through HandiChannel can sanitize people and belongings. Photo: HandiGroup

Or the HandiChannel inflatables can also be used with spray sanitization, using a unique solution and a strong diffuser to make this a pleasant experience for staff and civilians, The solution has been developed in partnership with the HandiGroup with an established and well respected UK laboratory. The solution used in HandiChannel is pleasantly scented and safe for clothes.

The HandiChannel inflatable could be set up for emergencies. Photo: HandiGroup

2. Regular and visible cleaning of aircraft and public areas

Airlines and airports alike are investing in cleaning and sanitization activities, taking more care, and embracing longer turnarounds to ensure all passengers can travel safely. While mops and disinfectants can go a long way to eliminating germs on surfaces, sometimes it’s all too easy to miss spots.

Onboard aircraft, many airlines are now using electrostatic spraying daily to eliminate contaminants in those hard to reach places. However, the cost and complexity of this technology means it’s impossible to use it on every turn, so most aircraft only get treated at the end of the day’s rotations.

Spray sanitization for airlines and airports
The Portibac comes in a range of sizes for on the go disinfection. Photo: PORTiBAC

The HandiGroup has come up with a device that can be easily used by airport cleaning crews, both on the plane and within the terminal itself. The PortiBac is perfect for sanitizing large areas, from corridors to aircraft, providing a cost-effective means of keeping everyone safe and healthy.

3. Access to last-minute safety products

With the majority of airlines now mandating mask-wearing onboard, bringing one along on their travels is going to be yet another thing for fliers to remember. Should they forget or require an additional mask, gloves, or other safety products, airports need to make sure these items can be accessed last minute.

In May this year, Las Vegas McCarran Airport became the first in the US to install a PPE vending machine. We’ll likely see these rolled out across more airports and potentially even in places like the airport car parks as we embrace the new normal.

HandiVend will give travelers access to things like face coverings. Photo: HandiGroup

Again, the HandiGroup has come up with a top answer to tackle this problem. HandiVend, it’s  a simple, easy-to-use vending machine, stocked with quality items a traveler will need to stay safe on their journey. Not only will installing HandiVend be incredibly convenient for passengers, but it also offers a solid opportunity for airports and other suppliers to earn substantial additional revenue from passengers passing through their facilities.

The HandiVend can supply all those last-minute COVID-19 safety products for travelers. Photo: HandiGroup

To enquire about any of the HandiGroup’s products, you can contact them here: https://thehandigroup.com/contact-us/ 

From the HandiVend, passengers can access HandiBac portable sanitizers, HandiCover face coverings, HandiGlove disposable gloves, and the HandiStraw – a reusable straw for safe refreshments that simply fits in your pocket or back in the slick matt black tin provided.

The machines themselves are available in three sizes and feature touchscreen systems or LCD dependent on the area that can display useful information or advertisements to suit your requirements.  The HandiVend can also be linked remotely to one central hub and at the press of a few buttons, you can have the same message on every screen all over the airport wherever the machine is located This can work on a national scale too.

Photo: HandiGroup

4. Food and beverage retailers providing safe, reassuring services

Keeping airport food and beverage outlets closed is not a sustainable solution. These businesses need to get back to work, but with a strategy to reassure customers that they are safe in their environments.

A suite of products from the HandiGroup has the ability to provide a comforting level of safety at the airport. Firstly, for your own personnel safety, HandiBac is the perfect way to sanitize not only the hands, surfaces and screens but also other areas, including a quick spritz of the table and chairs you find yourselves at.

The HandiBac is ideal for a quick spritz of the table, for your assurance. Photo: HandiGroup
Making it easy to keep food and beverage areas safe and hygienic is essential. Photo: HandiGroup

The convenience and easy operation  the PortiBac range of devices can further provide efficient sanitization as well as visible reassurance to customers, Our PORTiBAC non-alcohol, eco-friendly solutions are suitable for food preparation area to sanitization of a full aircraft and luggage hold.

Spray sanitization for airlines and airports
PortiBac is ideal for food and beverage retailers. Photo: PORTiBAC

5. Visible tie-ups with safety-conscious brands

While it’s important that airports leverage excellence in cleaning standards to keep passengers safe, even more important is to do so in a highly visible way. Entering into a combined branding exercise will become the new normal, with airports widely associating themselves with products designed by the HandiGroup to provide stylish, effective, certified and proven personal safety products and to reinforce the message of hygiene first.

The HandiGroup has developed a range that is stylish, effective, certified and proven. Photo: HandiGroup

We’ve already seen partnerships emerging from the crisis  We have never come across an organization with such a complete range of COVID-19 safety products and bucketloads of innovation to help combat the pandemic, We fully believe the HandiGroup will be the ideal company for airports to team up with to restore that all-important passenger confidence.

To enquire about any of the HandiGroup’s products, you can contact them here: https://thehandigroup.com/contact-us/ 

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