How Many 737 MAX Planes Has Boeing Delivered Since Ungrounding?

Boeing has outlined plans to deliver upwards of 200 Boeing 737 MAX jets in the year after the ungrounding. With the first month coming to a close since the ungrounding, Boeing has started to resume deliveries to US customers of the 737 MAX. However, the American manufacturer has only delivered 10 of the jets thus far.

Boeing 737 MAX, Booking, Differences
United, American, and Southwest have all taken new Boeing 737 MAX aircraft. Photo: Getty Images

10 Boeing 737 MAX deliveries

On December 9th, after over a year of the MAX grounding and recertification process, United Airlines became the first carrier in the world to take a MAX jet. Since then, American carriers have received a total of 10 Boeing 737 MAX planes. No other airlines have taken any new MAX jets since the ungrounding.

The ten US deliveries are:

  • N27515 Boeing 737 MAX 9 to United Airlines
  • N27519 Boeing 737 MAX 9 to United Airlines
  • N323SG Boeing 737 MAX 8 to American Airlines
  • N318SF Boeing 737 MAX 8 to American Airlines
  • N316SE Boeing 737 MAX 8 to American Airlines
  • N315SD Boeing 737 MAX 8 to American Airlines
  • N47524 Boeing 737 MAX 9 to United Airlines
  • N37521 Boeing 737 MAX 9 to United Airlines
  • N8736J Boeing 737 MAX 8 to Southwest Airlines
  • N8737L Boeing 737 MAX 8 to Southwest Airlines

The data for these deliveries comes from Boeing has yet to deliver and Boeing 737 MAX jets to foreign customers. This is because of other countries that have not yet ungrounded the MAX. And, for those that have, airlines have likely worked out deferrals and restructurings with Boeing as they navigate a world of hurt.

American Airlines 737 MAX
American is expecting to be the first of these airlines to restart MAX flights in the United States. Photo: Getty Images

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How many still to be delivered?

Boeing had around 450 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft built and awaiting delivery. With these ten, this means that 440 MAX jets are awaiting a flight to their new home.

Of these, many whitetail Boeing 737 MAX aircraft were built for customers that will not be taking the planes, such as Jet Airways.

How Many 737 MAX Planes Has Boeing Delivered Since Ungrounding?
A former Jet Airways 737 MAX (next to flyDubai) is parked at a Boeing facility in Seattle, awaiting placement at a new airline. Photo: Getty Images

Airlines still want to have the MAX jets in their fleet, it seems. Boeing has unfilled orders for over 4,000 737 MAX jets. However, taking into account ASC 606 standards, Boeing has a final backlog of 3,333 jets.

The manufacturer’s latest estimate is that it will deliver around 225 or-so Boeing 737 MAX aircraft by the end of 2021. This number will be possible as Boeing can resume deliveries to more customers, especially those in China who have shown an appetite for new jets amid rising demand. However, China has not indicated when it will recertify the MAX.

Will Boeing hit its target?

Boeing will likely be able to hit its target if things go its way. First and foremost, the MAX appears to be gearing up for recertification in Europe and Canada, which will open more customers who can take the MAX. And then, with Mexico and Brazil already having resumed MAX commercial flights, customers there will want to take MAX jets as demand continues to recover.

GOL Getty B737 MAX
GOL, in Brazil, was the first airline to resume commercial 737 MAX flights. Photo: Getty Images

The other thing Boeing has to contend with is the unstable market conditions. Airlines and manufacturers have a lot riding on a vaccine, which has started distribution. However, recent developments in England regarding the virus show that anything is still possible.

If market conditions worsen, airlines will likely go to Boeing to ask for further deferrals, which may hinder Boeing’s ability to reach its target. Plus, considering the white tail MAX jets, if Boeing does not find a home for those aircraft, it will need to keep those parked for a longer period of time than previously anticipated.

EASA and FAA MAX certification
Boeing has a lot of deliveries to make in 2021. Photo: Getty Images

However, as of now, signs point toward Boeing being able to meet its target, but anything is still possible.

Do you think Boeing will hit its delivery target for 2021? Are you glad to see airlines take the 737 MAX again? Let us know in the comments!