A Boeing 737 MAX Name Change Would Be Silly

On Monday, one of the largest Boeing 737 MAX customers suggested that the manufacturer should rename the aircraft. However, Boeing’s new CEO David Calhoun has said changing the name will be silly.

Boeing, 737 MAX, Court Case
David Calhoun believes that renaming the 737 MAX would be silly. Photo: Getty Images

Boeing’s new CEO, David Calhoun, has been left with a huge undertaking. He has joined the company right in the midst of the Boeing 737 MAX crisis. While commenting on the MAX, he has suggested that renaming the aircraft would be silly. Calhoun is quoted by USA Today as having said,

“My instinct is a change with a new name would be sort of silly.”


This comes as others have suggested renaming the aircraft. However, while I previously made the argument to rename the aircraft, Calhoun’s comments do make sense. Here’s why:


Restoring trust

One of the most important tasks for Boeing, bar getting the MAX flying again, is restoring trust in the aircraft. This trust must be restored in pilots, operators, as well as the travelling public. Part of this will include being 100% transparent about what is happening with the program.

737 MAX Getty
Calhoun needs to get the MAX production restarted. Photo: Getty Images

If Boeing were to rename the 737 MAX, it could erode trust in the aircraft even further. Renaming the Boeing 737 MAX could, in the worst case, be seen as an effort to deceive passengers who may end up flying on the aircraft.


Calhoun seems to realise that, rather than deceiving, Boeing should be taking an entirely different stance. Instead of hiding away what has happened with the aircraft, it should face up to it. Even as far as to say “this is what’s wrong, here’s how we fixed it”. By holding up their hands and admitting that a mistake was made with the MAX, it shows that Boeing isn’t trying to hide the two tragedies.

What’s next for the Boeing 737 MAX?

According to Al Jazeera, Calhoun has no plans to scrap the Boeing 737 MAX program. In fact, he expects the production program to resume before the aircraft re-enters service. This is currently envisioned for mid-2020.

Ryanair, Boeing 737 MAX, October
Ryanair may not receive its first 737 MAX until October. Photo: Getty Images

The ramp-up will need to take place slowly, as there will still be limited space for completed aircraft to be stored. Additionally, the company will need to get back into the flow of things. However, airlines will surely be glad to see the 737 MAX’s return to service. Airlines such as Ryanair have been forced to scale back expansion plans.

Calhoun believes that the key to restoring trust in the 737 MAX lies with the pilots. Talking to USA Today, he said,

“It will fly safely and I am confident in that. When pilots get on those airplanes and support those airplanes, I believe passengers will follow.”

Should Boeing rename the 737 MAX, or leave things as they stand? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!


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Niklas Andersson

737 TRUMP…. hahahahahaha


Funny for sure.


That would be perrrrfect


It is not silly, it won’t help but its a consideration. More stupidity from Boeing. Calhoun is as guilty as the rest, he has been part of that mess for a long long time.

Franky is like putting an arsonist in charge of your fire department. What can possibly go wrong?


I’d avoid them like the plague. No thanks.

lalo galo

the 737X


Rather this way: 737✝
On a more serious note: I agree with Calhoun on this, also based on another thought: By keeping the name, Boeing will limit the damage to the MAX versions. If they start obfuscating the model, they risk that passenger start distrusting other 737 models.


Calhoun’s opinion on the B737 MAX name changing is correct. It sounds like the name changing direction promoted by DumbHo and other Boeing clients is like trying to hide the historical facts of this aircraft, and concur with this being a SILLY suggestion.

High Mile Club

No, they shouldn't rename it. They didn't rename the 737 NG after the rudder problems, or the 787 just because of the battery issues, so why should this be up for discussion? Those that wish or even suggest renaming it are insulting the flying public (especially us avgeeks), and are probably too focused on their monetary gains; something Boeing learned the hard way and is stepping away from. True, many are unable to differentiate between most models of aircraft aside from some very obvious features; I. E. 747 hump or A380 double deck. But Boeing knows they can't afford to… Read more »

Robert G Pope

No. Renaming will be definitely be seen as a coverup.


I would say keep the name, but if some airlines would like to rename it, let them.


737 MAX should have had a different name from day one to reduce confusion with the 737NG

Stuart wasteney

Scrap macus system and let the pilots fly the plane that’s their job


You can put lipstick on a pig and might be a little prettier… but it is still a pig.

Tony Johnstone

The 737 Max should be scrapped and existing aircraft reconfigured to 737 800 /900 planes.

charles woods

I totally agree with boieng’s new CEO, renaming the 737 max is deceitful, it means that any passenger asking any flight attendant ‘ is this a 737 max?’ the reply would have to follow the airline’s strategy so its ‘ no sir, this is a Boieng 737 – 8800. Looks like the views of ryanair, viet jet etc are not bothered about lying to its passengers. Regaining the confidence of the flying public is paramount this is not the right course. Is lying the new norm?

Thomas Foo

take the bull by the horns,admit all the problems and lay out the solutions honestly and confidence will be restored.
Changing name will be perceived as covering up.

Ed Allen

It would be silly. Why would you want to do the right thing when you have a crap product. I mean. Boeing knows best. @we didn’t listen then, why should we now!” Boeing. Hope get what you need! More money loss. You WIN. LOSE BIG

Thomas Foo

Take the bull by the horns, admit the problems and lay out the solutions.
Changing the name maybe perceived as cover up


As another contributor noted – lipstick on a pig. They can call it Kentucky Fried Chicken for all I care as I won’t ever board a Max.

James Loughran

I will fly max as i have flown it before


To rename it further admits the abysmal is even worse than currently known…and it might be, so a rename is out of the question. Boeing needs to stop playing hide and seek and rather sign up for a round of face the music. Many aren’t going to fly it for a prescribed period of time and for me, the rule is RTS and an entire year without any major issue and I’ll then consider boarding a MAX. Boeing made the problem and Boring needs to fix the problem just the same. Owning it and getting their house in order go… Read more »

Ian Robertson

I know! How about the 737 Phoenix?

Boeing management has only themselves to blame for this debacle. Can you name another company that has survived the complete outsourcing of all their intellectual property and engineering skills?

Unbelievable, egregious, criminal stupidity.


The aircraft name should be expressed simply as a Boeing 737-8200. This has always been it’s “real” aircraft type designation. The “MAX” name is a marketing gimmick that must be dropped as it would be an unnecessary millstone against the plane, going forward. Boeing could not be accused of this being deceptive conduct, because “737-8200” is an unchanged technically correct designation whereas “MAX” is only an unofficial marketing name that should be jettisoned!