A British Nightmare: Flight Runs Out Of Tea And Gets Diverted

A Jet2 aircraft travelling from the UK to Spain was diverted for an unusual reason: the aircraft had run out of tea! More specifically it had run out of water to make coffee and tea, causing it to divert to Manchester as a result.

The Jet2 plane had to make an emergency landing in Manchester

If you thought our unshakable politeness and penchant for taking about the weather were the most British things about us, then this could be the pinnacle of British problems. A near catastrophe-tea was narrowly avoided for a plane-load of holidaymakers from Glasgow when trouble turned out to be the only thing brewing on their flight.

Jet2 flight emergency landing
The flight path. Picture: JetRadar

A commercial jet was diverted and forced to make an emergency landing this week due to… lack of tea. About an hour into its flight, passing over the southern tip of Ireland, the aircraft made a rapid about turn as the crew realised there was no water to supply a good brew on board.

The Boeing 737 operated by UK based LCC Jet2 was on route from Glasgow to Tenerife in the Canary Islands. Upon discovering the lack of water, they immediately diverted to Manchester, naturally, because who wants to embark on a four hour flight without a nice cuppa?

Speaking to the British press, a spokesperson said:

“There was a technical issue with water on board. There wasn’t water for teas and coffees.”

Now that really is an emergency situation.

You can see the aircraft making its emergency landing at Manchester here:

But was it just the tea?

In all honesty, although I would be more than happy to demand an emergency landing for tea-related reasons, the water issue was probably more serious than that. Passengers have said the toilets were also broken, which is another good reason for the emergency landing.

Most passengers have remained in good humour about the situation, saying they were being well looked after.

Plenty of onlookers have seen the funny side too

Some were quick to point out that as the flight originated in Glasgow, there may have been some other, more pressing, priorities for the water:

Simple flying are happy to hear that everyone on board the Jet2 flight are now happily on their jollies in Tenerife, having been transferred to another aircraft shortly after landing. It’s never good having your flight diverted, but safe-tea must come first, and we’re happy that this story ended up being a latte fuss about nothing.

Cool story though, brew.