A Look At HiFly’s New A380 Livery

July is an exciting month for the Portuguese charter airline HiFly. With headquarters in Lisbon, the airline is an aircraft leasing company and provides flight services in the best interests of other airlines, with their existent fleet of all Airbus aircraft. Towards the end of 2017, the airline announced its plans to expand its fleet by leasing out more second-hand aircraft.

HiFly current livery
HiFly is an active player in the aviation industry, flying an all Airbus fleet.

Singapore Airlines’ Older A380

Singapore Airlines reached a point where the carrier needed to get rid of its older Airbus A380 aircraft and began searching for airlines that might benefit from the plane. As HiFly keeps a constant lookout for new opportunities, the carrier made the decision to acquire the airplane and now the first Hi Fly A380 is a reality. The first A380 was delivered from Singapore Airlines to HiFly at the beginning of July 2018 in Malta, where re-painting of the aircraft began.

Receiving the aircraft makes Hi Fly the 4th European airline to employ the A380, the 14th global operator and the first Wet Lease airline to operate the airplane. The seating capacity of the plane provides 471 seats and brings increased capacity to airlines.

Singapore Airlines was the first carrier to begin operating Airbus’ A380 aircraft in 2007. Although many purchases were made for the planes, the airline has now decided that some of its older A380 are no longer suitable for the company’s changing needs. In order to maintain a fleet of young aircraft, Singapore Airlines has begun taking out of service some of its A380s from 2017.

Hi Fly A380 Livery

Until now, it has not been common for HiFly to surprise the industry with special aircraft paintings but with this A380 the scenario is quite different. The industry saw the carrier make a bold statement with the HiFly new A380 as the airplane’s painting represents something much bigger than the standard company branding. The plane was presented at the Farnborough Airshow 2018 where the new livery and optimized interiors were available to visitors.

New Hi Fly-A380 Livery announcement at Farnborough air show
HiFLy supporting the Mirpuri Foundation’s campaign “Save the Coral Reefs”.

Although the airplane’s design was first left completely white, probably in order to cover up any branding previously used by Singapore Airlines, the plane is now painted in a vibrant blue color and has an ocean-themed livery in support of the Mirpuri Foundation campaign “Save the Coral Reefs”.

The livery sends an important message to the world and its design includes the two sides of the plane being painted with two different concepts. On one of the aircraft’s sides, the colors are bright blue and depict a healthy ocean world, while the other side shows destroyed corals and the dark blue color prevails.

Hi Fly A380 livery second side
The second side of Hi Fly’s A380 shows the sad reality of the coral world.

HiFly has partnered with the Mirpuri Foundation in raising awareness for the serious threat of coral reefs disappearing by 2050. As Paulo Mirpuri, the President of HiFly, stated on Twitter:

“a big cause requires a big answer and now, the biggest commercial aircraft on the planet will be the one carrying this big message around the globe”.