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A Look At Ryanair’s Crazy 200 Seat Boeing 737

We’ve seen some pretty interesting ideas here at Simple Flying. Some are pretty neat, others are pretty nice, but this one perhaps evokes a different emotion.

Ryanair is looking to outfit their Boeing 737-8 MAX with 200 seats. For comparison, Southwest’s 737 MAXs have 175 seats. Granted, Ryanair has ordered the 737-8-200, a specially designed high-capacity MAX aircraft for low-cost carriers.

In recent 737 MAX news, passengers and crew alike decried American’s intention to put 29 inches of pitch on their 737 MAXs. While American changed their mind, their 737 MAX is still not a well-liked plane.

American Airlines 737 MAX

American Airlines 737 MAX

Ryanair’s latest proposal, however, takes the cake for the smallest economy seats. To fit 200 seats on their 737 MAX, the seats will be arranged with 28 inches of pitch.

Ryanair 737MAX interior with 200 seats

Currently, Ryanair’s smallest pitch is 30 inches on their 737-800 aircraft. Those planes have a maximum capacity of 189 seats.

Given these parameters, Ryanair will most likely outfit these aircraft with 3 lavatories. That is almost 67 passengers per lavatory! Those lavatories will undoubtedly be small like American’s.

Ryanair mostly flies short hops across Europe. This makes 28 inches a bit more bearable if it is on a 1-hour flight versus a 6 or 7-hour flight. Ryanair is also known for their cheap fares. Given fares as low as Ryanair’s, this seating arrangement makes sense from an efficiency and financial standpoint.

Ultimately, the biggest concern is whether other airlines with follow suit. With British Airways acting more and more like a low-cost carrier, most people probably would not be happy with a 28-inch pitch for a transatlantic flight.

What are your thoughts on Ryanair’s new plane? Would you like to fly on it? Let us know in the comments below!

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