Which Airlines Fly The Airbus A220?

The Airbus A220 is becoming a popular aircraft among operators and passengers alike. With great economics and fuel efficiency, airlines can do a lot with the jet. Simultaneously, passengers appreciate fewer middle seats onboard the aircraft. Here are the airlines who have the A220 in their fleets right now.

The A220 is proving to be a popular jet. Photo: Airbus


airBaltic currently has 22 Airbus A220-300s in its fleet with another 28 on order. As the airline navigates the current crisis, it has selected the A220 to sustain its operations moving forward. With the A220, airBaltic has the world’s youngest fleet.

airBaltic A220
airBaltic loves its A220s. Photo: Airbus

A maximum of 145 passengers can fit onboard airBaltic’s A220. As the airline is an all-A220 carrier, any airBaltic flight will be onboard an A220.

Air Canada

The Canadian flag carrier has seven A220-300s in its fleet. The airline ordered the aircraft when it was known as the CSeries and produced by the Canadian manufacturer, Bombardier. The carrier has firm orders remaining for 38 of these with options for another 30 and substitution rights to the smaller A220-100.

AC A220
Air Canada has called the A220 a “game-changing” aircraft. Photo: Airbus

Onboard Air Canada’s A220s are 12 business class seats and 125 economy class seats. This brings the maximum number of passengers to 137. These planes can be found flying to major cities in Canada between Calgary and Montreal, Calgary and Toronto, Edmonton and Toronto, Montreal and Toronto, and others.

Air Tanzania

The Tanzanian flag carrier has two Airbus A220-300s in its fleet. The airline operates these planes alongside its Dash 8-400s and Boeing 787s.

Air Tanzania
Air Tanzania was the first African airline to take an A220. Photo: Airbus

Onboard, these planes have seating for 12 in business class and 120 in economy class. The plane does several domestic flights to Kilimanjaro, Mwanza, from Dar-es-Salaam, the airline’s hub. Other destinations include Moroni, Zanzibar, Entebbe, Lusaka, Harare, and Johannesburg.

Delta Air Lines

Delta is the most high-profile airline in the United States to order and operate the Airbus A220. Delta currently has 31 Airbus A220-100s in its fleet. The carrier has a robust order book for the type. Another 14 A220-100s are due to the airline. In addition, 50 A220-300s are also on the airline’s order book.

Delta A220
Delta has orders for both the -100 and -300. Photo: Airbus

The A220-100s seat 12 passengers in first class, 15 in Comfort+, and 82 in economy. These aircraft can be found flying out of Delta’s hubs to major airports like Dallas/Ft. Worth, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, Sacramento, San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago O’Hare, Atlanta, and Detroit, among others.


Egyptian flag carrier, EgyptAir, has nine A220-300s in its fleet with another three left on order. The first of these aircraft arrived at the airline in September 2019.

EgyptAir A220
EgyptAir only flies the A220-300. Photo: Airbus

EgyptAir has been flying the A220-300s on domestic legs from Cairo to Aswan and Sham el-Sheikh, Luxor, and Hurghada. Internationally, the A220 has flown to Athens, Istanbul, Rome, and others. There are 137 seats onboard these planes—15 in Comfort Class and 122 in economy.

Korean Air

Korean Air has 10 A220-300s in its fleet. The carrier has no other A220s on order. The A220s are in an all-economy layout with 140 seats.

Korean Air A220
Korean Air only has 10 A220-300s. Photo: Alan Wilson via Flickr

The airline primarily flies these planes on domestic legs between Seoul and Jeju and Busan, Jeju to Cheongju, Jeju to Busan, Seoul to Uslan, and others. The A220 has also flown some international routes to Japan.


SWISS is another prolific A220 operator. The airline has 29 A220s in its fleet. Nine of these are smaller A220-100s, while 20 are the A220-300 variant. One more A220-300 is expected to join the fleet.

A SWISS A220-300 in a special livery. Photo: SWISS

SWISS uses its A220s on intra-European routes to cities like Frankfurt, Porto, London, Geneva, Dublin, Dubrovnik, Nice, Athens, Libson, and more. The A220-100s seat 125 passengers while the A220-300s seat a maximum of 145.

Which A220s have you flown on? Which of these airlines do you want to fly onboard the Airbus A220? Let us know in the comments!