Welcome to Simple Flying, we are one of the biggest aviation news websites. Our team is based across 6 continents, providing you with 24 hour coverage of the most important aviation stories.

The Story Of Simple Flying:

Hello, my name is Arran! I’m the owner and founder of Simple Flying.

When I was a child I always wanted to become an airline pilot, that was until aged 8 when I went on my first ever flight – a transatlantic flight from Manchester, England to Sanford, Florida where I found myself scared of flying. Great I thought, that was me not wanting to become a pilot!

My life has taken a different path and for over 9 years now I have been building online media properties. In June 2018, whilst on a 6 month round the world tour (paid for by miles) I launched Simple Flying with the aim for the site to become the biggest aviation news website. Fast forward almost a year and we are almost there!

Meet The Team:


Arran – Owner and Founder 

Entrepreneur and frequent flier. Top 5 countries: Iceland, Indonesia, New Zealand, Vietnam and Norway.


Jo – News Editor

Mum of two with a passion for travel and aviation, she pulled her children out of school, sold everything and travelled full time for almost four years.


Nicholas – News Writer

All seven continents visited, 64 countries and counting. Favourite airline: Porter Airways in Toronto.


Tom – News Writer

Studying Aerospace Technology at university, licensed pilot as well as a qualified drone operator.

51832509_2186447201608221_7087616162128723968_n (1)

Andrea – News Writer 

Californian based aviation expert.


Bryan – News Writer

Michigan based aviation expert.


Karol – News Writer

Italy based aviation analyst.


Andrew – News Writer

Toronto based aviation expert and photographer.


Jay – News & Trip Report Writer

Flying since the age of 0! Northwest loyalist turned Delta enthusiast.

51723327_2250488488526821_6422138149576638464_n (1)

Paul – Trip Report Writer

One of the UK’s biggest aviation Youtuber’s who has flown over 400,000 miles!

45467549_250926075588050_2812026083531030528_n (1)

Sam – Loyalty Editor 

Points and miles expert.

SimpleFlying-Headshots-BlackWhite-Holly-01 (1)

Holly – Loyalty Writer 

US based loyalty expert.

51727722_2207196792828590_3823950413174931456_n (1)

Justin – Loyalty Writer 

UK and Hong Kong based loyalty expert.