Simple Flying is the world's largest aviation news website.

Simple Flying was launched back in July 2018, and in 18 months we established ourselves to become the world’s largest aviation news website in terms of visitors. 

We aim to be a trustworthy source of aviation news and we cover all regions worldwide. 

Here's what we cover:

  • Airline news
  • Manufacturer news
  • Industry analysis
  • Incidents and events
  • Historial stories
  • Airline reviews

Meet our team:

Simple Flying has a fully remote team based in 14 countries. 

Founder And CEO @ Simple Flying! Obsessed with commercial aviation and flying. My favorite aircraft is the Airbus A380 by a long stretch.

Editor @ Simple Flying! Freshly repatriated after four years of travel across four continents with two kids in tow. Now at the helm of all content published across Simple Flying.

Content Manager @ Simple Flying! An aerospace technology graduate with a passion for writing. Is a certified pilot after a year working in the Los Angeles general aviation scene.

Deputy Content Manager @ Simple Flying. Washington DC-area based frequent flier with a passion for North American aviation. His favorite aircraft is a tie between the Airbus A330 and Boeing 767.

Journalist @ Simple Flying. A Digital Nomad, NGO Photographer, and Videographer originally from Vancouver.
Deputy Editor @ Simple Flying. London based avid flyer. He has used his flying experiences to learn new languages and explore unique cultures around the world. His most recent adventure was a trip to the Bolivian Amazon.
Journalist @ Simple Flying. Based in Northern NSW, Australia. Favorite airline: Singapore Airlines. Obsessed with frequent flyer points.
Journalist @ Simple Flying. Travel addict and British francophile based in France. She has a passion for publishing and drinking tea in as many countries as possible.
Journalist @ Simple Flying. Published author who loves places off the beaten path. He is currently based in Berlin.
Journalist @ Simple Flying. Writes about aviation developments in the Balkans. His passion for politics and economics shapes the way he sees the world, especially the aviation sector.
Journalist @ Simple Flying. Ten years working across China and Asia, now based between UK and Hong Kong. Writes about all things travel, history and loyalty related.
Journalist @ Simple Flying. Based in SE Asia.

Journalist @ Simple Flying. Passionate about aviation since a child. Loves spotting planes. Particularly keen on the business side of aviation.

Journalist @ Simple Flying. Traveling in a van around Europe. Happiest in the forest. Favorite place: Borneo.

Journalist @ Simple Flying. Former airline employee with a passion for flying based in Spain.

Journalist @ Simple Flying. All seven continents visited, 64 countries and counting. Favorite airline: Porter Airways in Toronto.

Journalist @ Simple Flying. Based in Mexico. Constantly thinking about travelling and writing. Fan of the Airbus A220.
Trip Reporter @ Simple Flying. Paul is one of the world’s most loved trip reporters on YouTube. He travels the world non-stop, reviewing airlines in all classes!