Welcome to Simple Flying, it is our aim to become the go-to website for frequent fliers and aviation geeks.

The Story Of Simple Flying:

Hello, my name is Arran! I’m the owner and founder of Simple Flying. I’m full time nomad who travels the world full-time.

I don’t stay in a country for more than 2 months at a time and I constantly chase the sun whilst using air miles to fund my travels.

When I was a child I always wanted to become an airline pilot, that was until aged 8 when I went on my first ever flight – a transatlantic flight from Manchester, England to Sanford, Florida where I found myself scared of flying. Great I thought, that was me not wanting to become a pilot!

Aged 11, I got my first laptop and starting building online media properties. I built and ran the world’s largest Minecraft Pocket Edition fan site, then in my late teens I built a large network of entertainment sites in travel, sports, cars and celebrities. The network got over 1 billion page views in just over a year, and I went on to sell that to a company in Los Angeles. After selling the company at the tender age of 17 I moved to London and stayed on as an employee for the company, but something wasn’t quite right.

I had a huge itch to travel, and with the fear of flying dissipated I took every opportunity to fly and travel around the world. I then decided to leave my company in early 2017 so I could travel more.

I lived in London for 1 more year traveling a few times per month. Then in April 2018 I found myself sat on more planes than actually living in London. So myself and my partner decided to take a leap and travel the world and live nomadically full time.

In June 2018 on a rainy winters night in Wellington, New Zealand I was sat looking out over the harbour thinking what I could do next. I always wanted to be a pilot, but that didn’t work out. I loved flying, aviation and travel and my background is in building media properties online – so that night Simple Flying was born.

Fast forward 5 months and Simple Flying one of the fastest growing sites for frequent fliers.

Meet The Team:


Arran – Owner and Founder 

Entrepreneur and frequent flier. Top 5 countries: Iceland, Indonesia, New Zealand, Vietnam and Norway.


Nicholas – News Writer

All seven continents visited, 64 countries and counting. Favourite airline: Porter Airways in Toronto.


Jo – News Writer

Mum of two with a passion for travel, she pulled her children out of school, sold everything and travelled full time for almost four years.


Tom – News Writer

Studying Aerospace Technology at university, licensed pilot as well as a qualified drone operator.


Sam – Loyalty Writer

Points and Miles aficionado, who loves travel and the great outdoors.


Holly – Loyalty Writer

Travel, food and lifestyle writer.  She lives in central Pennsylvania, with her husband and two dogs.


Oliver – Designer 

Lover for all things design and aviation enthusiast. Favorite airline is Air Tahiti Nui!