About Us



Welcome to Simple Flying, your go to source for everything aviation.

Simple Flying launched back in the summer of 2018. The site was founded by entrepreneur Arran Rice.

Our Aim:

Simple Flying’s aim, is well… Simple! We want to become the world’s go to website for everything aviation. This covers aviation news, historical stories, industry analysis and of course how to use air miles to fly better.

As of September 2019, Simple Flying acheives over 6 million pageviews each month. But, there is still a long way to go!

Meet The Team:

Our team is based across 6 continents, providing you with 24 hour coverage of the most important aviation stories.


Arran Rice – Owner and Founder 

Entrepreneur and huge avgeek. I created Simple Flying whilst traveling the world on air miles. My favorite countries include: Norway, Japan, Portugal, New Zealand and Indonesia.


Joanna Bailey – Editor

Mum of two with a passion for travel and aviation, she pulled her children out of school, sold everything and travelled full time for almost four years.


Tom Boon – Content Manager

Studying Aerospace Technology at university, licensed pilot as well as a qualified drone operator.


Nicholas Cummins – News Writer

All seven continents visited, 64 countries and counting. Favourite airline: Porter Airways in Toronto.


Karol Ciesluk – News Writer

Italy based aviation analyst.


Chris Loh – News Writer

A Digital Nomad, NGO Photographer, and Videographer originally from Vancouver.


Nick Whittle – News Writer

Author, copyist, journalist. Keen aviation enthusiast, plane-spotter, air show visitor and part-time navigator. Particularly interested in the early days of heavier-than-air flight.


Mark Finlay – News Writer

Aviation expert based in Spain.


Andrew Curan – News Writer

Based in Northern NSW, Australia. Favorite airline: Singapore Airlines. Obsessed with frequent flyer points.


Jakov Fabinger – News Writer

Writes about aviation developments in the Balkans. His passion for politics and economics shapes the way he sees the world, especially the aviation sector.


Sumit Rehal – News Writer

Sumit is a London based avid flyer. He has used his flying experiences to learn new languages and explore unique cultures around the world. His most recent adventure was a trip to the Bolivian Amazon.


Laura Ash – News Writer

Copyist travelling in a van around Europe. Happiest in the forest. Favourite place: Borneo.


Christopher Morris – News Writer

Christopher Morris has nearly a decade’s experience as a journalist. His work has been featured in the mainstream media, including The Sunday Telegraph, Financial Times, Yahoo, Newsweek, and the Times Educational Supplement, has also been published in big Internet publications such as Seeking Alpha, ValueWalk, Investor Place, and the Digital Tourism Think Tank.


Henry Bewicke – News Writer

Copywriter and published author who loves places off the beaten path. He is currently based in Berlin.


Andreas Kruger – News Writer


Justin Hayward – Loyalty Writer


Jay Singh – News & Trip Report Writer

Flying since the age of 0! Northwest loyalist turned Delta enthusiast.

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Paul Lucas – Trip Report Writer

One of the UK’s biggest aviation Youtuber’s who has flown over 400,000 miles!


Kristine Clemons – Marketing Manager 

Social media and email marketing manager for Simple Flying, based in Las Vegas.

Viki Sangre – Marketing Manager 

Social and search engine marketing manager, based in Northern India.

Oliver Swinburne – Designer 

Oliver helps make Simple Flying pretty! Based in Lisbon, Oliver is responsible for branding, and graphics!