Private Jet: First Airbus ACJ220 Rolls Out Of Paintshop

The very first Airbus A220-based private jet has been spotted as it rolls out of the paintshop in a basic Airbus livery. The aircraft is set to take its first flight in the next couple of weeks, after which time it will head off to Comlux Completion in Indiana to have its luxury interior fitted. The jet is already sold to a luxury hotel group based in Dubai.

ACJ TwoTwenty
The first ACJ TwoTwenty is all painted and ready to fly. Photo: Airbus

First glimpse of the ACJ TwoTwenty

Yesterday, Airbus gave the world its first glimpse of the completed private jet based on the popular A220 product. The ACJ TwoTwenty was seen rolling out of the paintshop in Mirabel, Canada, wearing the Airbus house livery for now. The aircraft is sporting test registration C-FTWU, and close inspection reveals an ‘operated by Comlux’ decal just about the forward windows.

This TwoTwenty already has a home to go to, although it won’t be heading there right away. During the Dubai Air Show, it was announced that luxury hotel group FIVE has bought the plane for the purposes of transporting its discerning guests between its various destinations. The hotel group is expecting delivery of this first aircraft in 2023.

Before that can happen, the ACJ TwoTwenty will need to take its proving flights, and will need to spend some time having its stunning interior outfitted by Comlux. Once it is complete, the aircraft will fly under registration 9H-FIVE (Nine-Hotel-Five) and will be operated by Comlux on behalf of the hotel.

ACJ TwoTwenty FIVE
The aircraft will eventually head to FIVE in 2023. Photo: Comlux

Based on the A220-100, the TwoTwenty is one of the largest business jets on the market. Its auxiliary fuel tanks give it the legs to stay in the air for 12 hours or more, making it possible to fly direct between Tokyo and Dubai, or London and LA. FIVE will be able to shuttle up to 18 passengers between its hotels on the plane, flights which will come with lavish catering, in house DJs and FIVE’s unique party atmosphere.

ACJ TwoTwenty FIVE
FIVE is planning a rather awesome interior. Photo: Comlux
ACJ TwoTwenty FIVE
Comlux is tasked with bringing the ideas to life. Photo: Comlux

Off to Indiana for Christmas

Comlux advised Simple Flying that the first flight for the ACJ TwoTwenty will take place in early December. After that, it will take a ferry flight to Indianapolis where it will be completed by the firm. It will be a Christmas gift and a half for the workers in Indiana keenly waiting to start work on its glamorous interior.

Comlux Completion opened its Indiana facility in 2012, and invested to extend it in 2016 so that it could accommodate widebody aircraft for VIP completions. In all, the facilities in Indianapolis boast 157,000 ft2 / 14,600 m2 of space, enough to house one widebody and six narrowbody aircraft all at the same time.

Comlux hangar
By Christmas, the aircraft will be in the Comlux hangar in Indianapolis. Photo: Comlux

It’s the only completion center in the world to integrate every aspect of VIP jet completion under one roof. From here, Comlux will be able to install electrics, mechanical systems, cabinetry, and upholstery as well as making any changes to avionics and completing certification ready for it to leave the facility.

Comlux has placed a firm order for two ACJ TwoTwenty aircraft, and is the launch customer of this new VIP jet. As part of the deal, Comlux will be the exclusive outfitter for the first 15 ACJ TwoTwenty models, letting the firm flex its well-honed talents in creating exceptional private jet finishes.