Inside A Stunning Airbus ACJ319neo Private Jet

Airbus is gearing up to showcase its ACJ319neo at a forthcoming business aviation show in Las Vegas. One of its major customers, K5-Aviation, will fly its neo to the event for the world to enjoy. Airbus teased some stunning images of the jet’s interior today.

ACJ319neo from K5-Aviation at NBAA (1)
Airbus is showing off an ACJ319neo in Las Vegas. Photo: Airbus

ACJ319neo goes public

Airbus Corporate Jets is getting ready to shine the spotlight on its ACJ319neo at the forthcoming NBAA Business Aviation Show. Taking place from October 12th to 14th in Las Vegas, the show will let people get up close and personal with K5-Aviation’s ACJ319neo.

ACJ President, Benoit Defforge commented,

“Our ACJ aircraft offer the best comfort, with the most spacious cabins that are widely appreciated by our customers and operators. K5-Aviation’s ACJ319neo will turn heads at the show with contemporary luxury styling in each of the four cabin zones- it is a real beauty!”

It’s the first time K5-Aviation has showcased its neo to the world in such a public manner. Airbus today teased spectacular images of the jet’s interior, which is sure to be a highlight of the forthcoming show. As well as the neo, Airbus is displaying its ACJ TwoTwenty cabin in an immersive presentation using VR.

K5 Aviation is one of Airbus’ best customers for the ACJ319. It has three ACJ319ceo in its fleet, plus this ACJ319neo. According to Airbus, the firm is planning a purchase of widebody ACJs in the near future.

What’s inside the private jet?

The ACJ319neo from K5-Aviation has plenty of onboard space for its occupants, with four large living areas. Each of those areas has lie flat beds for additional sleeping space, but that’s just for the guests. For the primary user, naturally, there’s a generous bedroom with a king-sized bed, complete with an en suite shower and bathroom. For entertainment, the master suite boasts a 55-inch TV screen.

There are two further fixed bedrooms and another two bathrooms onboard. Along with the lie flat beds, this provides accommodation for as many as 18 people to sleep onboard. There’s a luggage compartment big enough for 25 large suitcases, perfect for those who don’t want to travel light!

ACJ319neo from K5-Aviation at NBAA (1)
The interior is spacious and luxurious. Photo: Airbus

Throughout the aircraft, passengers can enjoy a state-of-the-art inflight entertainment system with full HD screens. The screens can also be set to display Airshow – the moving map from Collins Aerospace – or to stream exterior views from any of the five outside cameras. Passengers can also stay connected thanks to the 2Ku high-speed internet, with up to 70 Mbps download speeds.

And this ACJ319neo can go the distance too. It has been fitted out with five additional fuel tanks to give it a globe-spanning range of 6,300 NM (11,670 km). It has ETOPS 180, allowing it to cross vast oceans and fly for up to 14 hours nonstop. In fact, this ACJ319neo set a record for the longest flight ever made by an Airbus crewed A320-series aircraft, when it flew nonstop from Toulouse to Greenland and back in 2019, a mission that lasted more than 16 hours!