Adelaide To Get Singapore Airlines A350-900


Starting just before Christmas, Adelaide will become the launch destination for the new Singapore Airlines A350-900 aircraft. The high-density Airbus A350-900 will provide passengers with a range of features, and mean a 7% increase in overall seat capacity per plane compared to Singapore Airline’s current A330-300s on the route. With Adelaide’s continued growth, especially due to tech industries, the region’s air demand is expected to expand too. A bigger and better plane should help Adelaide’s vision – and also help Singapore Airlines take the most advantage of this buoyant market.

What to expect from the Singapore Airlines A350 to Adelaide

Singapore Airlines has chosen Adelaide to debut its new two-class Airbus A350-900 and everyone seems thrilled. Flying from Singapore to Adelaide, SA hopes to offer better connectivity to the country’s new tech hub with the Asian super-city. In return, Adelaide hopes having the new A350-900 for the route will drive more tourism to the region. It’ll also be able to export more.

Unveiling the news Wednesday, there was lots of talk of how the new A350-900 is a better aircraft overall. The new model has 303 seats in total. This is made up of 40 in business class in a 1-2-1 formation, and 263 in economy class with a classic 3-3-3 layout. In addition, Philip Goh, the vice president for SA’s South West Pacific said the flights would offer the newest on-board products.

But what about the seats on the Adelaide Singapore Airlines route?

The new A350-900 will feature the Stelia Aerospace business class seats. These are the same ones that were introduced back in March on the Boeing 787-10 and they are glorious. Passengers will also get excellent Wi-Fi connectivity thanks to Inmarsat’s GX Aviation. And for those on the Adelaide to Singapore route, this is probably good news as the SITA OnAir product isn’t available on the A330s.

The airline told us back in March that the A350-900 would be gradually replacing the A330-300. It will also be used to replace some of the older Boeing 777. Singapore Airlines will begin taking delivery of the first of the seven new A350-900 in October. The airline also has another 39 A350 on order.

Why in the new A350-900 so important on the Adelaide route?

It’s not just seat numbers, which are important here. Adelaide also has a huge demand for more cargo space, which hasn’t yet been met. The A350-900 has 20 tons of cargo capacity. And this will be put to good use.


South Australia Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment, David Ridgway sees this as the best part. “It means more chance to get our fresh produce back up into Asia and to Singapore, seafood and some of our perishable products,” he said.

In addition, Singapore Airlines will be flying the A350 on a number of significant routes. And regulations permitting, this will include Brisbane. And one of its flagship routes New York to Singapore, will also be rebooted on new Airbus A350-900ULR. Expect to see this flight again from Oct 17th.