Aegean Airlines Takes Delivery Of Its First A320neo

On Thursday, December 19th, Aegean celebrated the delivery of its very first Airbus A320neo. This will be the first aircraft of 46 A320neo-family jets and the airline will take delivery of this order through to the end of 2024.

Aegean Airlines Takes Delivery Of Its First A320neo
Aegean has a total of 46 A320neo orders. Photo: Airbus

Commercial flights by mid-February

Now that Aegean has its first A320neo in its possession, there will be an “initial induction and preparation period” to train staff and crew on the new aircraft. Following this, Aegean is expecting to initiate commercial flights by mid-February 2020. Aegean says that it will receive six new A320neo jets by July 2020.

“The delivery of the first state-of-the-art Airbus A320neo is a significant milestone for our development and competitiveness. AEGEAN already operates the most comprehensive network in terms of seat capacity and number of destinations ever served by a Greek airline and we intend to continue to invest in its development to the benefit our customers. For our people the new aircraft are a platform that will allow us to create innovative services for our passengers, but also a great multiplier of their capacity for further professional development”. -Dimitris Gerogiannis, CEO of Aegean

Aegean Airlines Takes Delivery Of Its First A320neo
Aegean Airlines already has the A320ceo in its fleet. Photo: Tom Boon / Simple Flying

A320neo routes

Aegean has already penciled the A320neo into its schedules for 2020. Here are some of the summer destinations and frequencies for the Aegean A320neo according to Routesonline. All destinations are flown from Aegean’s hub in Athens:

  • Barcelona: 1x weekly as of April 3rd and incrementally building to 12x weekly by June 3rd
  • Brussels: 2x daily as of June 1st
  • Frankfurt: 2x daily as of March 29th
  • Madrid: 1x weekly as of May 3rd and increasing to 4x weekly from June 2nd
  • Marseille: 1x weekly from May 2nd
  • Moscow Domodedovo: 4x weekly from March 29th and increasing to 5x on June 20th. Between July 3rd and September 3rd, this will increase again to 6x weekly
  • Munich: 2x daily from March 29th
  • Nice: 3x weekly from May 31st. This reduces to 2x weekly from June 10th
  • Tel Aviv: 1x daily as of May 3rd
  • Valencia: 2x weekly from May 24th
  • Venice: 4x weekly from May 3rd
  • Zurich: 1x daily from May 1st

CH-Aviation points out that the following destinations will feature the A320neo in the Fall of 2020:

  • Dublin: 3x weekly from October 26th
  • Edinburgh: 2x weekly from October 25th
  • Lisbon: 3x weekly from October 25th
  • Manchester: 2x weekly from October 27th
Aegean will increase services to the Greek Islands in the meantime. Photo: Aegean


This latest addition to the airline will allow it to fly farther and more efficiently while emitting less carbon. We’re excited to see all of the changes at Aegean for 2020 – and not just with its new aircraft.

Although Aegean will be flying its A320neos from Athens (for now), the airline is growing in other areas of Greece. New flights will be launched out of Aegean’s focus city of Thessaloniki including six international and two domestic services. Aegean will also be opening a base in Corfu for May 2020, becoming the airline’s eighth base in Greece and Cyprus.

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The Summer 2020 schedule information in this article was originally published by Routesonline.