Greece’s Aegean Airlines Unwraps Its Stunning New Livery

Aegean Airlines treated fans to a drama-filled reveal of its brand new livery today. Streamed live on Facebook, the airline unveiled a stunning new look for its shiny new A320neo aircraft. Aegean has three neos in its fleet so far and is expecting three more in time for the summer peak season. Altogether, the airline has ordered 46 of the family.

Aegean airlines A320neo
Aegean’s new livery has been revealed! Photo: Aegean Airlines

The Aegean livery reveal

Aegean has been teasing us for days with the promise of a live reveal of its brand new livery this afternoon. Coyly describing the event by saying ‘A neo era is coming’, the airline has posted teaser videos in the build-up to the big reveal.

Finally, at 13:30 UTC today, we got to see it in all its glory. Lasers, check, smoke, check, a packed hall of people, check. Canoes, cyclists, hikers and 4x4s also check – not sure of the relevance but it was a cool video. Then, finally, the smoke cleared and we could examine the A320neo in all its glory.

Aegean livery reveal
A cool introduction to the new livery. Photo: Aegean Airlines
Aegean reveal 5
The neo was unveiled to a packed room of people. Photo: Aegean Airlines

The livery reveal was accompanied by inspirational words such as harmony and symmetry. It’s a nice little refresh we think. Also revealed at the event was the fact Aegean has followed in the footsteps of other airlines in choosing a registration that perfectly complements the plane – SX-NEO.

Greece’s Aegean Airlines Unwraps Its Stunning New Livery
A well named plane. Photo: Aegean
Aegean livery reveal
A new tail livery. Photo: Aegean Airlines

Aegean’s new livery is, the CEO says, just the beginning. In a transformation Dimitris Gerogiannis is calling Aegean 2.0, he is promising 24 months of creative innovation in terms of products and services. The new livery represents a new Aegean, he says, and a platform to expand and refresh services for a better customer experience.

Aegean airlines A320neo
Business class food on board the Aegean A320neo. Photo: Aegean Airlines
Aegean airlines A320neo
Beautiful inflight branding shots were released along with the new livery. Photo: Aegean Airlines
Aegean reveal 1
Aegean’s CEO Dimitris Gerogiannis spoke about future plans for the airline. Photo: Aegean Airlines

What’s great about this livery reveal is that, unlike many airlines who have to show a mock-up or paper-based livery, Aegean has had its first A320neos delivered with the livery in place. They’ve been working hard to keep them under wraps (literally) for the past couple of months, but now we can enjoy the full new livery experience in real life.

What can we expect from Aegean’s A320neos?

Aegean Airlines received the first of its A320neos in December last year. This was the first of a massive 46 A320neo family aircraft destined for the carrier. Three have arrived so far, with the rest due to be delivered until the end of 2024. A further three are expected by the airline in time for the busy summer season. Aegean says these aircraft will add 1.5m seats to its network.

Aegean plans to use the A320neos on popular short- to medium-haul routes from Athens. The aircraft will begin service for the airline from tomorrow. Initial destinations include Barcelona, Brussels, Frankfurt, Madrid, Marseille, Moscow, Munich, Nice, Tel Aviv, Valencia, Venice and Zurich, so far. As more arrive, more destinations will be added, including Lisbon, Edinburgh, Manchester and Dublin in the autumn this year.

Aegean Airlines is an Airbus only operator, with a fleet of 37 A320s, eight A321s and one A319. The carrier enjoyed a successful year in 2019, with a new passenger record for the year. Aside from its hub at Athens, Aegean is looking to expand in other areas of Greece, including Corfu and Thessaloniki.

Are you excited to fly on Aegean’s neo aircraft? What do you think of the new livery? Let us know in the comments!