Aeroflot To Offer 3 Year Flight Vouchers For Canceled Bookings

Aeroflot has decided to offer passengers three-year vouchers in place of refunding tickets due to the aviation crisis. These vouchers not only apply to those who had flights canceled, but also those who wish to cancel their tickets for flights still going ahead. The carrier is also offering a discount on rebookings.

Airbus A330 and Sukhoi Superjet S100
Aeroflot is offering a three-year voucher for passengers. Photo: Getty Images

What are the details?

Like many carriers, Aeroflot has had to reduce services as it saw demand crumble by 94%. Russia has been hit by the pandemic and has a mandatory isolation period up to May 15th. The sale of international flights blocked until August 1st, 2020.

This is terrible news for the carrier, who saw a 10% increase in bookings in 2019. To have its growth cut off in the new year, as well as its brand new A320neo go unflown, is such a shame. The Russian government has since then promised Aeroflot part of a 23 billion rubles ($310 million) aid package to see it through the period. Alas, with a share price that has already fallen 56%, some say the damage is already done. 

But the carrier is doing right by its customers and has decided to offer a three-year voucher on all tickets affected by the coronavirus.

Aeroflot Airbus A350
An Aeroflot Airbus A350, also another great new product that barely got used. Photo: Getty Images

What are the ticket voucher conditions?

Aeroflot outlined its wavier rules in an email to Simple Flying. The three-year voucher applies to those whose flights have been canceled by the carrier or those who give early notice that they do not want to travel for the flight date. Vouchers will also be available to passengers looking to make new bookings in the future if the cancelations continue.

Plus, the carrier is also offering a one-time, flat discount on tickets for those who had their flights canceled.

For flights booked before May 1st, “a 15% discount on the cost of a ticket of the same fare for their new flight. For passengers holding Flex fare class tickets, the one-time discount will be 25%”. – Aeroflot press statement to Simple Flying

The above offer also only applies for canceled booked travel to China from February 18th to other international destinations from March 5th and travel on domestic routes from March 18th onwards.

Passengers will be able to apply for vouchers after the end of the current self-isolation regime in Russia, but not before May 15th at the earliest. Passengers can apply for vouchers at Aeroflot sales offices and other official representations.

Airbus, No Orders, February
A discount is being offered to encourage the usage of the new vouchers. Photo: Getty Images

How is Aeroflot managing the current crisis?

Since grounding flights on March 27th, 2020, Aeroflot has been in hibernation and has only been operating rescue flights for citizen repatriation, as well as essential domestic services. Due to the government restrictions on ticket sales, the carrier is all but shut down internationally until at least August.

But even the carrier believes that this resume date is not fixed in stone.

“We want to stress that you should not interpret this decision as an indication of when international flights will resume. Flights could restart earlier, depending on when we get permission,” Aeroflot press secretary Yulia Spivakova told reporters.

What do you think of this move? Will you be using this offer by Aeroflot? Let us know in the comments.