A Look At Aeroflot’s Stunning Airbus A350 Interior

Photos of Aeroflot’s new Airbus A350 cabin have been released. It looks as though Russia’s flag carrier has picked a trendy cabin design. The cabin features suites in its business class section, in addition to an economy and premium economy section.

Aeroflot, Airbus A350, Cabin
Images of Aeroflot’s A350 cabin have been released. Photo: Airbus

2019 has been a year of cabin reveals for the Airbus A350. Most recently SAS revealed its A350 to the world yesterday. However, Simple Flying has also been closely following other airlines’ announcements such as British Airways and Virgin Atlantic. Now, Aeroflot has revealed their entry into the Airbus A350 cabin pool, first spotted by InsideFlyer.


At the front of the aircraft is the Business class cabin, as is traditional onboard aircraft. Similar to both Virgin Atlantic and British Airways, alongside others, Aeroflot’s Business cabin has a 1-2-1 configuration.

Aeroflot, Airbus A350, Cabin
Aeroflot’s new business class features suite-style seats. Photo: Aeroflot

However, unlike the aforementioned carriers, it looks as though each seat faces forward. Despite this, the images also appear to show shoulder harnesses which are necessary on angled seats.

Aeroflot, Airbus A350, Cabin
It looks as though the seats have three-point harnesses. Photo: Aeroflot

Also similarly to other carriers, Aeroflot appears to have installed a bar area. However, rather than a place designed to mingle, this looks more like a place to grab what you want and return to your seat.

Aeroflot, Airbus A350, Cabin
Most passengers will enter through the bar area. Photo: Aeroflot

We’ve seen carriers making a huge effort when it comes to this area, as when a single jetbridge is used, it typically serves as the entrance and exit for all passengers. As such it appears that Aeroflot is following both SAS and British Airways, unlike Virgin Atlantic who has designed the area as a social space.


Premium economy

Moving backward slightly from business class, passengers will find the premium economy section of the aircraft. According to Inside Flyer, who did some digging on Expert Flyer, the premium economy cabin will be just three rows long. As the premium economy cabin has a 2-4-2 layout, this means that there are 24 premium economy seats.

Aeroflot, Airbus A350, Cabin
The premium economy cabin has a 2-4-2 configuration. Photo: Aeroflot


Moving slightly further back once more sees passengers arriving in the economy cabin. At a 3-3-3 configuration, nine passengers are seated in each row. This is similar to other economy cabins found onboard the variations of the Airbus A350.

Aeroflot, Airbus A350, Cabin
Last but not least, the stylish economy cabin. Photo: Aeroflot

The economy cabin has a stylish dark blue main fabric. However, it is highlighted with a light brown headrest and a seatbelt. The premium economy and business cabins have a fairly similar color scheme with its fabric colors. However, the headrest is more of a separate entity on the business seat. Aeroflot is set to take delivery of eight A350s through the course of 2020.

What do you think of Aeroflot’s new Airbus A350 cabin? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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Looks stunning. Great effort by Aeroflot.


Wow! Aeroflot’s A350 cabin is so much better than SAS’! I love it! This new Business Class cabin is a huge upgrade over their current one, but Comfort Class and Economy Class don’t look bad either! I love the fact that, unlike SAS, Aeroflot managed to incorporate the colours of its livery into the cabin design.
Also, I noticed that the sentence “Most recently we SAS’s attempt revealed to the world yesterday.” (right below the rendering of an Aeroflot A350) doesn’t seem to make much sense…


what a change since Aeroflot thirty years ago !!

Gerry S

I haven’t flown on A350 yet. Pictures of cabin show a really roomy interior. All I see through my professional eyes is freight and more freight. Maybe SF can find out from manufacturer if a frighter is in the works. Also the A340 and A330. Why are there no freighters? Almost all Boeing a/c are freighter-capable. Why is Airbus different? All these a/c (including A380) are coming off line. Seems like such a waste to not use them for other purposes. Please feed my curiousity SF. Many freight jockeys want to know.

Gerry S

Follow up to my query: A330 can be “freighterized”. Why not A340? Same airframe.


330 have been converted to freighter already !
Please update your info if you do not know about it.
Would be nice.

Gerry S

Already done Yves. But why not A340? How is it different from A330? MTOW for it is superior.

Sam Rittler

777 freighter is far better in terms of fuel efficiency


Never heard of the A330-200F…a specific cargo version of the A330?

Gerry S

But why not A340? Has to be a reason. They’re gonna let all these beautiful a/c just go to pot. That’s a shame. A380 also? Air freight is exploding. Why not convert them? Has to be a reason I am merely curious.

Sam Rittler

The A380F was a real concept Airbus had for a while, but it would be terribly inefficient as the aircraft could not be loaded all the way before it hit it’s maximum takeoff weight, and the higher trip cost compared to a 747-8F would basically make the aircraft a hole to throw cash in.


Very nice contemporary design this aeroflot A350 . Maybe the 2/4/2 premium economy is a minus . Compared to by example Ethiopian airlines this interior is perfect . Ethiopian has fitted it’s A350 with seats and gallies from several old retired airplanes ( B757 and B767 ) shocking how poor Ethiopian airlines A350 is to this one from aeroflot.

Gerry S

I commented on this a while ago. I thought Ethiopian’s cabin was horrid. Aeroflot’s really nice. Big difference. One looks thrown together haphazardly. The other carefully designed. Thanks for staring the reason why.

Gerry S

Totally agree.. Ethiopian’s a/c seem old and musky like grandma’s living room. Aeroflot’s more like a NYC high-end condo. I’ll take the condo. Sorry Grandma.


I very much prefer seats facing straight forward, it feels way more natural when the body points in the same direction as the aircraft. Thank You Aeroflot for Your russian pragmatism instead of ‘that oh so fancy’ Zeitgeist ‘the must have’ trendy nonsense BS!!!


LoL . Here Here, so true.

Anders Kleppe

Is it possible to get a gin and tonic on international flights throughout the flight?
Looks awesome though. Looking forward to fly the 350 soon.


The bar area looks like a 1950’s Soviet kitchen, and thoroughly inhospitable.


I think the design + colour choices in all of the 3 cabins looks very stylish.
Aeroflot’s aircraft livery is 1 of my favourites.


Hate the orange color. They should have kept the silver + blue + red combo for the interior instead of that ugly orange.