Russia’s Aeroflot Cancels 22 Boeing 787 Dreamliner Orders

News has come out recently that Russian flag carrier Aeroflot has officially cancelled its 2007 order for 22 Boeing 787-8 and -9 Dreamliners. This sizeable cancellation could be a concern as the backlog for the aircraft model has been decreasing in recent times. No clear reasons have been given as to why the order was cancelled.

Aeroflot fleet
Russian national flag carrier Aeroflot has a total fleet size of 252. Roughly 60-70% are narrowbody jets. Photo:Aeroflot

A long time coming

It’s hard to believe that this order was came in twelve years ago – in 2007. This is what Aeroflot had to say about it’s “new purchase” in the original press release:

“The 787 is an excellent match for many of our requirements thanks to its efficiency, operational performance and passenger comfort. The 787 will open new market opportunities as we further modernize our fleet and expand our international reach,” said Valery Okulov, Aeroflot general director.


According to Reuters, the cancellation was not announced or made public by Boeing or Aeroflot. In fact, it was buried in Boeing’s monthly order release. Reuters reports that this order was already facing uncertainty in 2015 ever since the airline said it no longer needed the planes. At list prices, the lost Aeroflot order is worth $5.5 billion. However, the amount that actually gets paid is often less due to discounts and deals.

Aeroflot is expecting to take delivery of its first Airbus A350 in early 2020. Photo: Airbus

In the same year the airline announced its order for the 787, it was also one of the first airlines to order the A350 from Airbus in 2007. This order is for 14 of the new fuel-efficient jets, which use Rolls Royce Trent XWB engines. The new aircraft are set to replace several of the Russian Airline’s older A330 wide-body jets by the end of 2021.

Worries over production rate

The Seattle Times reports that Boeing’s backlog of 787 Dreamliner orders was cut by 14 last month. This is because the aircraft manufacturer lost Aeroflot’s order of 22 Dreamliners but gained eight from Air New Zealand. Aeroflot’s order of 22 consisted of 18 smaller 787-8s and four 787-9s. Air New Zealand’s order is for the 787-10 variant.

787 Factory at Everett
The 787 Factory at Everett. Photo: Boeing

According to the Seattle Times, this lost order is a cause for concern as the 787 backlog is dwindling fast. The aircraft manufacturer has been seeking new 787 orders to ensure it can maintain a high production rate. Generating cashflow has become increasingly important as the company deals with the 737 MAX crisis.

A total of 556 Dreamliners are still on order. These orders are split almost evenly between Boeing’s two production sites in Everett and in North Charleston, S.C.. Doing the math, at a rate of 14 jets per month, this gives Boeing about 40 months of work.


In conclusion, this news shouldn’t be too much of a surprise given the 2015 news from Aeroflot. Furthermore, an astounding amount of time that has come and gone since the original order announcement.

We reached out to both Boeing and Aeroflot requesting comments or official statements. Boeing has responded, declining to comment. However, we have yet to receive any response from Aeroflot. Were you looking forward to seeing Aeroflot operate the Boeing 787? Let us know by leaving a comment!


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Harry Miller

The B787 is a absolute useless aircraft. It may save fuel but in the long run the money you will spend on spare parts once the warranty expires negates the fuel savings. I work on the 787 as a engineer and know this. The RR engines are not very good with constant engine changes which is well known. Although this is not a Boeing problem the rest of the unreliable components is!! Cabin air compressors are constantly failing. That grounds the aircraft as all the airlines flying this aircraft always use up the stock. Boeing cannot build the CAC as… Read more »


you couldn’t be further from the truth. Airlines are obsessed with their 87s, they make them a ton of money. It’s reaching the ten year mark and United if reporting better efficiency than when new and no one seems to know why. The planes continue to fly further and consume less fuel as they age, the passenger continue to vote it to be the busy comfortable plane in the sky and maintenance has been astronomically inexpensive as Boeing is cranking out replacement parts both fast and cheap. The 787 is responsible for the world’s incredibly inexpensive airfares and the crew… Read more »


Which year is this? 2015?
Haven’t they been cancelled in 2015

Tom Boon

No, it’s only been cancelled now. Per Reuters: “The cancellation, first reported by the Seattle Times and buried in Boeing’s monthly order release, is the final step in unwinding an order that had been shrouded in uncertainty ever since the airline said in 2015 it no longer needed the planes.”


The fact is also that the 787-800’s.
Weren’t going to built as well.
So Boeing might of wanted Aeroflot to buy the more expensive 900 instead.
But Aeroflot might not of wanted the extra seating of the 900 that the 800 has.


It will be interesting to see if they announce an A330neo order soon. I’m surprised they haven’t a while ago.