How Aeroflot Is Undergoing A Digital Transformation

This year has seen a shakeup across the global aviation industry. While there have been significant difficulties for airlines, the conditions have catalyzed the adoption of modern technologies. Simple Flying recently had the opportunity to speak with Aeroflot’s PR director, Michael Demin, about his company’s approach in this field.

Aeroflot Aircraft
Aeroflot is keen to keep up-to-date with new systems. Photo: Getty Images

A company effort

Altogether, the flag carrier of Russia is geared around digital transformation across all of its operations, from company management, through aircraft MRO, and to customer service development. By introducing innovative tech solutions, the firm seeks to improve efficiency and transparency of operations while strengthening Aeroflot’s leading positions in the sector.

“Our airline has won a “Movement Formula” award recognizing best achievers across the transport and transport infrastructure industry. This prestigious accolade established by the Public Council of Russia’s Transport Ministry was given to the best companies as part of the 2020 Transport Week events. Aeroflot scooped the award in the “Best solution for the transport sector in the pandemic” nomination,” Demin told Simple Flying

“The jury comprising industry experts, business leaders and prominent researchers praised Aeroflot’s innovative approach to complex tasks. Russia’s largest airline implements digital technologies and provides transportation of personal protective gear, medical equipment and artificial lung ventilator components. Amid COVID-19 restrictions, Aeroflot was able to successfully reconfigure and redeploy a number of widebody aircraft for cargo and mail transportation.”

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A350 Aeroflot
The airline isn’t hesitant to adopt its technological approach across different departments. Photo: Getty Images

Proving to be useful

Demin adds that the carrier has again demonstrated resilience, strong logistics potential as well as efficiency. This has enabled it to meet the challenges amid the harsh environment and help it balance commercial success with social responsibility.  

Some of the key aspects of the digital transformation is the use of Big Data. TAdviser notes that this system allows companies to define profiles of customers, integrating and analyzing data on passengers from different sources.

Moreover, the airline has been implementing artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, machine learning, and the Internet of Things in all of its important processes. It has also been big on adopting a paperless approach. For instance, in the cockpit, all flight documentation is stored on the onboard computer and the pilot’s electronic tablet. This procedure combines with data systems to evaluate and improve aspects such as flight safety.

Aeroflot Pilot Crew
Passengers and crew are both benefiting from the transformation. Photo: Getty Images

Well prepared

Another key initiative in this department is the paperless mobile boarding pass program. This factor has come in handy amid the pandemic in the effort to reduce contact. Aeroflot says that across its network, its top priority is ensuring the highest standards of hygiene and safety on all flights, as part of its common goal of preventing the further spread of coronavirus.

Aeroflot is combining modern technology with other measures on the ground to reduce the spread. It shared that it is the only aviation group in the world with its own canine center. It is running various projects here, including one to train dogs to detect the virus. This experiment is being conducted with experts from leading Russian R&D centers, including the Central Research Institute of Epidemiology, the VECTOR State Research Center of Virology and Biotechnology, and the Pirogov National Medical and Surgical Center.

As 2021 approaches, these technological initiatives will prove to be crucial in the recovery mission. Additionally, Aeroflot will benefit in the long term following the investment of these processes. They will ultimately help the airline progress throughout the decade.

Altogether, what are your thoughts about Aeroflot’s digital transformation? How do you see it progressing into 2021? Let us know what you think of the initiatives in the comment section.