Each Year Aeroflot Gives Away Flights For New Year

Each year, Russian flag carrier Aeroflot gives away free tickets on flights to celebrate the new year, and this year is no different. Any passenger departing today is eligible, with one catch: Their flight must be in the air as the clock strikes midnight in Moscow.

Aeroflot, New Years Eve, Free Flights
Aeroflot has a special treat in store for any passengers flying at midnight. Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying

The Christmas festivities may have just finished, however, that’s no reason to be disappointed! Many airlines are now beginning to celebrate the start of the new decade. One of these is Aeroflot, the Russian flag carrier, who has an annual tradition of rewarding its new year passengers.

31 free round trips

Today, Aeroflot will give away 31 free round trips to passengers on selected flights. The number of selected flights is 31, meaning that each flight will contain one winner. But why 31 flights, and how have those flights been chosen? The answer is actually fairly simple! In fact, any Aeroflot flight which is scheduled to be flying at midnight Moscow time is entered.

A majority of these flights will have departed from Moscow, with only five en-route to the Russian capital city. The earliest eligible flight will depart from Moscow at 12:00. This is flight SU0106 from Moscow to Los Angeles. The latest departure will be SU1502 which is due to fly from Moscow to Tyumen. This flight will depart from Moscow at 23:25.

Aeroflot, New Years Eve, Free Flights
Passengers will be treated to Champagne to celebrate! Photo: British Airways

As mentioned, only five of these flights will be inbound to Moscow, with the others having departed the Russian city. The inbound flights are:

  • SU0101 New York – Moscow, departure 13:25;
  • SU0151 Havana – Moscow, departure 14:35;
  • SU2349 Hamburg – Moscow, departure 22:00;
  • SU2549 Tenerife – Moscow, departure 18:15;
  • SU0279 Phuket – Moscow, departure 22:55.

Why is Aeroflot doing this?

Giving away flights on New Year’s Eve has become somewhat of a tradition for Aeroflot. In fact, it is something that the airline does every year to celebrate the start of a new year. However, this year, the airline will also be celebrating the start of a new decade as we move from the 2010s into the 2020s.

Aeroflot, New Years Eve, Free Flights
Aeroflot will be loading aircraft with extra champagne and chocolate tonight. Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying

While every passenger on the eligible flights will be entered to win, of course, not everybody will win. However, those who don’t win won’t be left disappointed. In fact, anybody expecting a quiet night flight may be slightly disappointed. The airline has said that “All passengers on flights scheduled to be in the air when the clock strikes midnight (Moscow time) will also be served champagne and chocolates.”

It sure looks to be a busy night for aircrews around the world! Will you be flying as the clock strikes midnight? Let us know in the comments!