Rossiya To Take All Of Aeroflot’s Sukhoi SJ100s By 2022

Rossiya is preparing to take ownership of all of parent Aeroflot’s Sukhoi SJ100s by 2022, according to reports. Aeroflot is currently the largest operator of the Sukhoi SJ100 with a fleet of 54 aircraft. However, the carrier has a major turnaround plan in the works, which will see Rossiya focus on Russian-made planes instead.

Sukhoi Superjet getty
Aeroflot is planning to redistribute its fleet among subsidiary carriers in the coming years. Photo: Getty Images

Quick change

We previously knew that Rossiya would be taking over Aeroflot’s Sukhoi Superjets under the new “30/30” strategy. However, the exact timeline of the fleet transfer was still unclear until now. According to, Rossiya will take all 54 SJ100s by the end of 2022, a relatively quick pace.

Aeroflot isn’t wasting any time either, the first five SJ100s will reach Rossiya by the end of 2020 and another 44 will make their way in 2021. This means the carrier can expect to receive at least three aircraft a month next year. The first Rossiya SJ100 could be in the skies in the next few weeks.

Rossiya A319
Rossiya will see its fleet size rise to over 200 aircraft under the new plan. Photo: Rossiya Airlines via Wikimedia Commons

The addition of SJ100s will see Rossiya’s fleet double from the current 54 Airbus (A319 and A320) and Boeing (737, 747, and 777) aircraft. However, the expansion will continue from there as the airline plans to take delivery of nearly 100 more SJ100s and 85 upcoming Russian MC-21s (the A320neo/737 MAX competitor).

Overall, Rossiya expects to have a fleet of nearly 250 mostly Russian-made aircraft by 2028. The airline will focus on the bustling domestic market and fly some regional routes, while Aeroflot handles most long-haul flights.

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30/30 strategy

As mentioned earlier, these changes are occurring under Aeroflot’s ambitious turnaround plan to carry more passengers and become a world-class airline. Aeroflot is hoping to reinvent itself as a five-star airline (as deemed by SKYTRAX). The airline also plans to carry 30 million more passengers as a group and bring down ticket prices by 30% in the next eight years.

Aeroflot is looking to reposition itself as a five-star airline in the next few years. Photo: Airbus

Rossiya won’t be the only subsidiary receiving planes. Low-cost arm Podeba will receive the airline’s 48 Boeing 737-800s for medium-haul routes, making Aeroflot a mostly Airbus operator minus a fleet of Boeing 777s. These changes will make Aeroflot a leaner airline, with only 170 aircraft in total, and boost its two major subsidiaries.

Not an easy feat

Considering the current aviation climate, it might be difficult for Aeroflot to reach its ambitious goals. However, the airline has already begun making significant strides towards its goal. Aeroflot saw its domestic traffic make a full recovery in September, while international flights have also resumed.

Pobeda Airlines, June Resumption, Domestic Flights
Russia’s domestic market has made a strong recovery in the last few months. Photo: Getty Images

While the Sukhoi Superjet has faced technical issues in the past, Rossiya will hope to make good use of the airline on domestic routes. The entry of the MC-21 could boost Russian aviation further, making Aeroflot’s goal an achievable one quite soon.

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