Aerolineas Argentinas Set To Up Capacity On Flights To Madrid & New York

This summer, Aerolineas Argentinas will fly more frequently to Madrid and New York. The airline will add two new flights to the United States economic hub and three more to the Spanish capital.

Argentina Aerolineas Aircraft
There will be more flights on certain long haul routes for Argentina Aerolineas passengers this year. Photo: Getty Images

New leadership

Aerolineas Argentinas chairman Pablo Ceriani spoke with Reuters about his company’s growth plans. The businessman only took over the company in December. Despite this, he is already showing his intent to help the airline improve its financial situation.

Currently, it holds an operating deficit of $570 million. However, Ceriani expects that deficit is gradually reduced due to the number of tickets it sells and if the carrier can keep on following its growth plan.


Last year, the state-owned carrier sold 13 million tickets and its income for this year is expected to hit $1.7 billion. These added flights will help it maintain these numbers.

Argentina Aerolineas Livery
The airline’s chairman hopes that its steady growth will improve its accounts. Photo: Getty Images

Upping its game

The Buenos Aires-based airline currently serves New York four times a week. From May, this will be upped to five times a week and then six weekly flights from July. It already holds a considerable presence in Madrid with seven flights a week. However, there is room for expansion as there will be 10 weekly flights from July.

One of the core reasons for these additions is to make the most out of the increase in tourism that is happening within Argentina. Additionally, the operator is looking to strengthen its presence throughout the area.


Aerolineas Argentinas is planning to get its fleet in order following these advancements. It is hoping to operate its five Boeing 737 MAX aircraft that it has received. However, the grounding of the type has caused uncertainty for global carriers as the expected date for its approval keeps changing.

Due to the MAX crisis, Boeing has already made agreements with several airlines regarding compensation. Ceriani is also hoping for some sort of helpful gesture from the manufacturer. The airline ordered another 12 of the planes, which are due to start arriving from next year.

“Boeing has already agreed to compensation with other airlines. We are asking for equal treatment. There is a good predisposition to find a way out of this situation that is satisfactory to us,” Ceriani said, as reported by Reuters.

“The compensation (from Boeing) can take different forms. It can be a direct payment or come by way of some other benefit, such as future deliveries.”

Argentina Aerolineas A340
While Argentina Aerolineas expects to serve with its 737 MAXs by next year, it will retire the last of its Airbus A340s. Photo: Matias 18 via Wikimedia Commons

In the right hands

Altogether, Aerolíneas Argentinas is no stranger to long haul expansions. Last year, it celebrated its 70th birthday and its first weekly route was a service from Buenos Aires to Frankfurt via Natal, Dakar, Lisbon, and Paris. Therefore, it has decades of experience when it comes to handling international operations.

What are your thoughts on these extra flights added on the airline’s routes to Madrid and New York? Let us know what you think in the comment section.


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Aerolíneas Argentinas is an inefficient operation only comparable to South African Airways or Alitalia. Over staffed, badly managed, dominated by intransigent unions, corrupt prone purchasing agents and bad service is its trade mark. It cost hundreds of million of dollar to a perennial bankrupt government that neither has the dollars it swallows nor the will to stop the bleeding.
Aerolíneas Argentinas should go the same way VARIG and PLUNA went ( liquidation )

Luis De Stefano

It is absolutely false that international routes with A330-200 will be increased. They will simply reroute some destinations. Last December because of low seasonal traffic to JFK (in spite of UA having cancelled their daily flight) AR traded 7 weekly flights to NY for just 4, with the balance 3 offering service to Orlando. They are now just reverting the situation to what it was a few months ago. In the case of Madrid AR had 2 daily flights for the European summer and now due to slow demand they just keep one. At least the previous administration was honest… Read more »

Joanna Bailey

Very interesting comment. We’ve tweaked some of the wording but are keen to know more. Where do you think capacity has/will reduce to allow for these flights?

Luis De Stefano

Simple arithmetic, Joanna. EZE-MIA twice daily requires 2 planes, EZE-JFK daily one, EZE-MAD mostly twice daily uses 3 planes, EZE-ROM mostly daily another 2. That adds up to 8. Plus 5 per week EZE-CUN, 9, with one A330-200 for maintenance/spare, ten craft. As you reported earlier, AR’s previous management returned 2 leased fuel guzzling A340’s with which they covered the same aforesaid routes, facing heavy opposition of the trade unions that wanted these obsolete craft to fly till kingdom come. With this oldish fleet they are burning some 5.5 tons/hour of fuel, whereas with new and bigger A330-900’s the figure… Read more »


A very strait forward and realistic comment. This is a second or third class airline managed by amateurs where nothing makes sense from an economic point of view. It works as a fishing pond for corrupt government officials