Aeromexico Has Taken On 10 Boeing 737 Aircraft In 6 Weeks

Since May 28, Aeromexico has received 10 Boeing 737 aircraft, increasing the size of its fleet. Some of these planes are new MAX -8 and -9, while others are NG. Moreover, the Mexican carrier intends to continue growing in the next few months.

Aeromexico 737 MAX 9
Aeromexico has received four new Boeing 737 MAX 9 in the last six weeks. Photo: Aeromexico.

A closer look at the MAX-9 deliveries

On April 23, Aeromexico cut its order for new Boeing 737 MAX aircraft by half. The carrier still had to receive 54 new MAX units from its original order for 60 planes. Aeromexico and Boeing rearranged the order, and now the Mexican airline is receiving 24 B737 and four B787 Dreamliner units.

Since that happened, Aeromexico has already received a few airplanes.

On May 28, the Mexican carrier received its first Boeing 737 MAX 9, registration XA-IMH. According to ch-aviation, Aeromexico’s MAX 9 units have 181 seats in three different classes. Economy has 147 seats, economy plus/comfort has 18, and business has 16.

Some of Aeromexico’s new 737 MAX 9 units are already operating. The XA-IMH plane first flew between Mexico City and Monterrey on June 24.

The Mexican operator has already received three additional MAX 9 units. These have registrations XA-MAZ, N115AM, and XA-BBB. There’s an extra plane ready to be delivered, registration XA-HSB, according to ch-aviation’s database.

Boeing still has to deliver eight more 737 MAX 9 planes.

Aeromexico 737 MAX cabin
This is Aeromexico’s 737 MAX 9 cabin. Photo: Aeromexico

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Aeromexico has also received new MAX-8 units

The Mexican operator is also receiving a few Boeing 737 MAX-8 planes. Since May 28, the airline has taken delivery of three new units.

According to local media outlets, these planes have registrations N105JS, N109JS, and XA-MAY. Aeromexico currently has nine 737-8 aircraft. Three are inactive.

How’s Aeromexico’s 737 MAX schedule right now?

According to Cirium’s database, Aeromexico has scheduled 1,984 flights using its Boeing 737 MAX fleet in July. Most of these flights are domestic. For instance, the 737 MAX 9 is currently flying only from Mexico City to local destinations like Cancun, Guadalajara, Monterrey, and Tijuana. Nevertheless, this decision has an explanation. Mexico is currently in Category 2 with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and Aeromexico is paying some consequences.

Aeromexico’s 737 MAX 8 fleet has scheduled 1,412 flights in July, offering 234,392 seats. The international routes Aeromexico has with this fleet are Mexico-New York and Mexico-Los Angeles.

Boeing 737 MAX, Deliveries, Resumption
Aeromexico will receive new planes in the next weeks as well. Photo: Vincenzo Pace – Simple Flying

Aeromexico is leasing old Norwegian aircraft

While Aeromexico has been busy receiving new aircraft, it has also taken delivery of a few leased planes.

The Mexican airline has received three Boeing 737 NGs in the past few weeks. The registrations of these planes are XA-OCC, XA-OOO, and XA-OCA. The first and last one flew previously with Norwegian, while XA-OOO operated with TUI.

How does Aeromexico’s fleet currently look like?

At the end of June, Aeromexico had a fleet of 108 planes, according to a statement from the carrier. It was composed of eight Boeing 787-8, ten Boeing 787-9, 33 B737-800, seven 737 MAX 8, three 737 MAX 9, and 47 Embraer 190.

This tally has changed a bit in the last few days. According to ch-aviation, Aeromexico’s current fleet is 117 planes. So, where are the differences?

For some reason, Aeromexico wasn’t including the five B737-700 it still has in its fleet, so maybe we could see them leaving in the next few weeks. The airline is still adapting its size to the post-pandemic world. Ch-aviation also counts three extra 737-8s and one extra 737-9.

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