Aeromexico Completes Its 200th COVID Cargo Flight


Since March, Grupo Aeroméxico has operated over 200 cargo-only flights between Mexico and 15 countries worldwide. This strategy has kept the Boeing 787 Dreamliner fleet active while most of the international destinations of Grupo Aeroméxico are closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Aeromexico Cargo
Mexican carrier Aeromexico has made over 200 cargo flights in the last five months. Photo: Aeromexico

The “new” cargo fleet

Aeroméxico has a fleet of 19 Boeing 787 Dreamliners. Before the pandemic, the carrier used these planes for its long-haul flights. For example, it flew to Sao Paulo, Brazil, and all its destinations in Asia and Europe.

The Mexican carrier has nine Boeing 787-8 designed for 243 passengers with a range of 14,100 kilometers. It also has ten Boeing 787-9, for 274 passengers over 14,600 kilometers.

Nevertheless, since the coronavirus pandemic started, most of the destinations it served closed to Mexican tourists. To maintain its long-haul fleet as active, Aeroméxico started operating repatriation and cargo-only flights.

On a trip from Shenzhen to Mexico City, Aeromexico broke a record with the longest flight in Mexican history. Photo: Aeromexico

Back in March, the carrier launched its first cargo-only flight to Frankfurt, Germany, carrying 14 tons of goods. Since then, Aeroméxico has had over 200 cargo flights. It has transported over 3,000 tons of essential cargo like medical supplies, not only to Mexico but also to 15 different countries.

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China is the number one destination

While Aeroméxico has flown to 15 countries worldwide, China has been its primary destination. Since the pandemic started, Aeroméxico and the Mexican Government have made 24 charter cargo flights between China and Mexico. In those flights, the Mexican Government has carried medical equipment.

According to a press release from the Mexican Government, Aeroméxico has brought more than a million medical gloves, 1.5 million KN95 facemasks, over a thousand ventilators, and 300,000 COVID-19 tests, among other things.

Additionally, Aeromexico has made more cargo operations to China, paid by private companies in Mexico and Latin America. For example, in the last week of May, the Mexican carrier operated its longest flight ever. That time, Aeroméxico flew from Mexico City to Tokyo and then to Shenzhen, China. The return leg was a direct flight from the Chinese city to Mexico’s capital, a trip of over 14,000 kilometers. This nonstop route established a milestone both in Aeroméxico’s and Mexican aviation history.

Aeroméxico B787 Dreamliner
Aeromexico lost more than 100 million USD due to the coronavirus crisis. Aeromexico has been using its Dreamliner fleet with cargo operations, as COVID-19 has grounded most of its long-haul destinations. Photo: Daniel Martínez Garbuno/Simple Flying.

Landing where Aeroméxico has never landed before

As we know, the Mexican airline is currently under a Chapter 11 bankruptcy and might lose up to 19 airplanes in the next few days. While the recent news of Aeroméxico has not been excellent, the cargo-only operations are a success.

The Dreamliner fleet of Aeroméxico has landed in airports that it has never visited before. The visit to Shenzhen is the most iconic due to its relevance to the Mexican aviation history.

Nevertheless, Aeroméxico has also operated cargo flights in recent days to cities like Frankfurt (Germany), Winnipeg (Canada), Wuhan (China), and Fortaleza, Belo Horizonte, and Porto Alegre (Brazil).

During these last four months, Aeroméxico has lost almost all of its regular passenger services across the world but gained experience as a cargo carrier.

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