Aeromexico Resumes 737 MAX Operations 3 Days Early

Today, Aeromexico brought the relaunch date of its Boeing 737 MAX fleet forward by three days. After more than 20 months grounded, Aeromexico became the second airline worldwide to restart commercial flights with the type.

Boeing 737 MAX Aeromexico
Aeromexico resumed today its flight operations with the Boeing 737 MAX. Photo: Aeromexico

Where will it use it?

In a statement seen by Simple Flying, Aeromexico said that the first route is operated using the Boeing 737 MAX is the most lucrative route in Mexico. That is Mexico City-Cancun. But it also noted that shortly it would fly from Mexico City to Guadalajara, Monterrey, and Tijuana.

While it is too early to tell, it seems like Aeromexico will use the MAX only on domestic routes in these first weeks. It is a good idea, as it allows the airline to be more profitable on competitive routes. So far, Aeromexico is behind Viva Aerobus and Volaris in terms of capacity and net losses.

The airline said that the Boeing 737 MAX is an airplane with greater efficiency compared to previous models. It uses up to 14% less fuel per seat. Additionally, it is a greener plane and generates 40% less noise.

“It flies 20% farther, and it reduces its operational cost by 10%, compared to other aircraft,” added Aeromexico.

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Aeromexico Resumes 737 MAX Operations 3 Days Early
Aeromexico has a fleet of six Boeing 737 MAX. Photo: Daniel Martinez Garbuno/Simple Flying.

How many MAX does Aeromexico has?

Currently, Grupo Aeromexico has a fleet of six Boeing 737 MAX-8. Moreover, it has a remaining order for 84 additional airplanes. But that order could change, as Aeromexico faces its Chapter 11 reorganization and has said that it will shrink its fleet size.

Additionally, according to, Aeromexico already has three more Boeing 737-8 and four Boeing 737-9 ready to be delivered.

The Mexican fleet has a fleet of 107 aircraft. It is composed of 19 Boeing 787, five Boeing 737-700, 30 Boeing 737-800, six Boeing MAX, and 47 Embraer E190.

Aeromexico B737 MAX
Aeromexico has a standing order for 84 additional Boeing 737 MAX aircraft. Photo: Daniel Martínez Garbuno

Aeromexico has kind words for the MAX

Just like GOL, Aeromexico was eager to restart operations with the MAX. As soon as the Mexican Government recertified the airplane, on December 3, Aeromexico worked towards putting the MAX back in the air.

The Mexican airline said that its pilots completed the approved training by Mexican authorities. It also claimed to have worked closely with Boeing, the FAA, and the Mexican Civil Aviation Authority (AFAC). Pablo Aram Aznaruvian, vice-president of Flight Operations at Aeromexico said,

“As a pilot, I feel very proud to fly one of the most efficient, modern, greener, and safer airplanes in the world again. Our pilots, technicians, and staff are ready to fly, and we recognize the detailed work done by AFAC to guarantee the safe operation”.

What else do we know about MAX recertifications?

The last few weeks have seen much news regarding the MAX. Since the FAA recertified the aircraft in late November, many airlines and regulators have made statements about the aircraft.

For instance, American Airlines was poised to become the first operator worldwide in return the MAX, on December 29. But, both GOL and Aeromexico jump the curve on that race.

Also, Boeing restarted the deliveries of the MAX. United received the first aircraft in 20 months. Southwest said it will take 35 MAX deliveries in 2021, while Ryanair signed for a massive new order.

Finally, Transport Canada recently said that it will recertify the MAX in the first weeks of January.

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