The Evolution Of Aeromexico’s Aircraft Fleet

Aeromexico is one of Latin America’s oldest airlines. It started flying in 1934 with a single Stinson SR aircraft between Mexico City and Acapulco. Nowadays, it has over 100 airplanes, and despite being on a Chapter 11 bankruptcy process, it expects to grow. But, how has its fleet looked throughout the years? Let’s investigate further.

Aeromexico 787
Aeromexico currently has 105 planes, including several Dreamliners, like the one in this photo. Photo: Vincenzo Pace |

Looking at Aeromexico’s first fleets

During the first 15 years of its history, Aeromexico was a small carrier operating mainly in Mexico. There is not much information available regarding these first years.

Nevertheless, in 2016 Aeromexico proudly remembered the flights of its first-ever aircraft, the Stinson SR-5A, registration XB-AJI. This plane, built in May 1934, flew from Kansas City to Mexico City in a three-day journey. Then, Aeromexico operated its first flight between Mexico City and Acapulco. Onboard, there were three cabin crew members and two passengers for this inaugural flight. Besides Acapulco, the Stinson also flew to other Mexican cities like Tehuacan, Puebla, Ometepec, and Oaxaca, said Aeromexico.

Besides the Stinson SR plane, it also had a Bellanca.

Aeromexico Bristol Britannia 302
Aeromexico’s international reach came with this Bristol Britannia 302. The carrier flew to Los Angeles and New York. Photo: Aeromexico

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Aeromexico’s international reach

After World War II, Aeromexico started to grow internationally. By 1955, the airline already had a fleet of 15 airplanes, mainly DC-3 and DC-4 units.

In 1957, Aeromexico held its first international flight using a Bristol Britannia 302 aircraft. It flew from Mexico City to Los Angeles and then from Mexico City to New York.

The Britannia was a four-engine, turboprop plane that could fly at a cruise speed of 372 miles per hour (600 km/h). Aeromexico had two Britannias, one registration XA-MEC and the other XA-MED.

In 1959, the Mexican Government nationalized Aeromexico for the next thirty years. In 1988 Aeromexico went bankrupt and disappeared for six months before its rebirth as a private company again.

During the next three decades, Aeromexico added McDonnell Douglas planes, like the DC-6 and DC-8. They allowed the airline to increase its international reach. At one point, the carrier thought about getting a few Boeing 747s but opted for the DC-10.

Aeromexico Saab
Among Aeromexico’s less known airplanes were the Saab 340s. Photo: via Wikimedia Commons

The Boeing and the Embraers

Unlike what may be thought, Aeromexico wasn’t a Boeing customer in the seventies or eighties. It was until the 1990s that the airline received its first Boeing aircraft. In 1991, Aeromexico received its first Boeing 767-200ER. Between 1991 and 2015, Aeromexico had up to 16 Boeing 767s.

Aeromexico had many narrowbody planes throughout these years. For instance, it had Metro III and Saab 340 turboprops that eventually were replaced by the first Embraer ERJ145 in 2004. This launched a new history between Aeromexico and the Brazilian plane-maker, Embraer.

The ERJ 145 fleet left the company entirely in 2017. Last year, Aeromexico phased out its Embraer E175 fleet, and it currently has 47 E190.

Meanwhile, in 1995, Aeromexico received its first Boeing 757 and in 2003 gets its first Boeing 737-700 as a replacement of its DC-9s. Since then, Aeromexico has been one of Boeing’s top 737 customers in Latin America.

Aeromexico had four B777-200 between 2006 and 2018. In 2012, Aeromexico signed its biggest orders ever, purchasing up to 20 Boeing 787 Dreamliners and 90 737 MAX units.

The Evolution Of Aeromexico’s Aircraft Fleet
Aeromexico currently has an order for 24 B737 MAX and four B787 Dreamliners. Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple Flying.

What’s next?

Aeromexico is currently under a Chapter 11 bankruptcy process. Due to this, the airline has had to change its fleet by rejecting leasing contracts and reducing its MAX order with Boeing.

Currently, Aeromexico has 105 planes. It has an order for 24 B737 MAX and four Dreamliners. Moreover,  prior to the pandemic, there were rumors that Aeromexico may renew its domestic fleet with either the Embraer E195-E2 or the Airbus A220. Nevertheless, this hypothetical order is on hold at the moment while Aeromexico exits its Chapter 11.

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