Aeromexico And LATAM Sign Codeshare Agreement

Aeromexico and LATAM have signed a codeshare agreement. The two Latin American airlines will also be co-locating at Mexico City– Aeromexico’s largest hub. With the new codeshare, customers will be able to access many new destinations across Colombia and Brazil.

Aeromexico Getty
Aeromexico has signed a new codeshare with LATAM covering affiliates in Brazil and Colombia. Photo: Getty Images

The new codeshare agreement

The codeshare agreement is currently between Aeromexico and LATAM’s affiliates in Colombia and Brazil. Going into effect from today, the agreement will give Aeromexico’s passengers more access to destinations in Colombia and Brazil. The codeshare extends to 14 destinations in Colombia outside of Bogota and Medellin. Out of Brazil, the options will increase to 40 destinations from São Paulo, including Rio de Janeiro, Curitiba, Porto Alegre, and others.

In return, LATAM’s customers can access 39 destinations in Mexico, including Cancun, Monterrey, Guadalajara, Tijuana, Los Cabos, and others.

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LATAM’s customers will be able to access more destinations in Mexico. Photo: Getty Images

Nicolas Ferri, CCO of Aeromexico, stated the following on the new codeshare agreement:

“This agreement is in direct response to the needs of our clients, offering better connectivity and service options. With LATAM, Aeromexico has a new partner with shared values, which prioritize the health and safety of its customers and employees”

From LATAM, Marty St. Geroge, the airline group’s new CCO, stated the following:

“These agreements are a sign of LATAM’s long-term commitment to Latin American connectivity. With Aeromexico, we share a passion for service and innovation. We are committed to offering a leading experience to customers across the continent.”

Benefits for frequent fliers

LATAM and Aeromexico customers can also receive reciprocal frequent flier benefits. LATAM Pass members will get to earn and burn miles on all Aeromexico flights. Aeromexico Club Premier members can use their Premier Points across the LATAM network.

Aeromexico only flies to Sao Paulo in Brazil, so connections on LATAM means it can offer flights to major Brazilian tourist destinations on a single itinerary. Photo: Getty Images

For lounges, Club Premier members can access the LATAM VIP lounge at Bogota’s El Dorado International Airport. LATAM Premium Business customers and LATAM Pass Black Signature, Black, and Platinum elite members will receive access to Aeromexico’s Premier Lounges in Terminal 2 at Mexico City International Airport.

Terminal co-location

To further streamline connections and provide easier access to lounges, at the end of 2020, LATAM will relocate its operations from Terminal 1 in Mexico City (MEX) to Terminal 2, the location from where Aeromexico operates.

Aeromexico Getty
Aeromexico and LATAM will co-locate out of Terminal 2 in Mexico City. Photo: Getty Images

What to make of the new agreement

Back in August, Simple Flying reported that Aeromexico and LATAM were in discussions to institute an interlining agreement. The one thing in common with LATAM and Aeromexico is that Delta has a significant stake in each. It is not surprising to see the two cooperate, strengthening all three airlines’ positions across North and South America.

Left out currently of the agreement are LATAM’s subsidiaries in Chile, Peru, and Ecuador. These will likely join in the future. Instituting codeshare agreements take time, and there may also be regulatory concerns that the airlines have to address before a final agreement can go into effect.

LATAM Argentina Getty
LATAM’s other subsidiaries in Chile, Peru, and Ecuador are currently not included but would be a logical extension. Photo: Getty Images

As the crisis drags on, both Aeromexico and LATAM are under Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the United States. Both airlines have received additional funding and are currently reorganizing. However, the reorganization means that both airlines are seeking to reduce their fleet counts and be right-sized to survive.

Delta Boeing 767-300ER
Delta Air Lines is the common thread between LATAM and Aeromexico. Photo: Getty Images

Partnerships are important, and with this, Aeromexico will be able to better keep its aircraft full, as will LATAM. Aeromexico flies to large LATAM hubs like Bogota and São Paulo, while LATAM flies to Aeromexico’s’ hub in Mexico City. Also, LATAM flies to other destinations in Mexico, like Cancun, from which there can be limited connections onward on Aeromexico. However, Mexico City is a better option with more flights available.

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