Aeromexico Launches Its Own Membership Rewards Transfer Bonus 0

Aeromexico has launched its own transfer bonus from American Express Membership Rewards. Through November 30, 2018, you can receive a 25% bonus when transferring American Express Membership Rewards to Aeromexico Premier Points. the minimum number of points needed to trigger the bonus is 1,000 Membership Rewards points.

The Deal

  • You need to register to earn the 25% bonus
  • Promotion is valid for transfers through November 30, 21018
  • Receive a 25% bonus on transfers or membership Rewards to Aeromexico Premier Points
  • Minimum transfer of 1,000 Membership Rewards required
  • You can transfer as many points as you like
  • You can make multiple transfers and still benefit from the promotion

Although most partner transfers from Membership Rewards at a ratio of 1:1, Aeromexico is a bit of an outlier. Amex Membership Rewards points transfer over toe Aeromexico at a ratio of 1:1.6, with 1,000 Membership Rewards points normally yielding 1,600 Aeromexico Premier Points. With this promotion, the same transfer of 1,000 Membership Rewards points will yield 2,000 Aeromexico Premier Points.

Great Redemption Options

Taking advantage of this promotion can yield a pretty decent return on your American Express Membership Rewards. Looking at the Aeromexico award chart for Sky team partners. A roundtrip business class award from the US to Europe will set you back 220,000 Club Premier points (110,000 Membership Rewards points with the promotion)

This is great value especially if Flying, with Delta, KLM, Air France, and a host of other SkyTeam members.

Departing From Mexico, there is also some good value to be had according to the Aeromexico award chart. Flights to Asia will set you back 240,000 Premier Points for a round trip award. With the promotion, this works out as 120,000 Membership Rewards points. Aeromexico flies to 3 destinations in Asia, Seoul, Shanghai, and Tokyo.

Final Thoughts

This prometon is somewhat unique, normally transfer bonuses from American Express Membership Rewards are offered by American Express. In this case, the promotion is being offered by Aeromexico, Probably because we have not seen a transfer bonus from Membership Rewards to Aeromexico in some time. Regardless of who is offering the promotion, if you have some travel plans coming up that you could book with Aeromexico Premier Points, then this promotion can make a lot of sense.

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