Will AirAsia Ever Return To Europe?

AirAsia is one of the largest and most well-known low-cost carriers in Asia. However, despite the airline’s large reach in Asia, their long-haul flights to Europe are slim. Since 2012, AirAsia has not operated any routes to European cities from Southeast Asia. But, will AirAsia make a return to Europe?

Air Asia A330
Could AirAsia return to Europe? Photo: AirAsia

Flights to Europe

Back in 2012, AirAsia ceased flights to Europe. The airline used widebodies, including the A330, on these long-haul flights, but found that the service didn’t work out for them. AirAsia did not turn a major profit on these routes, so they ended up canceling their service. However, that does not seem to be the end of the line for AirAsia flights to Europe.

Now, Business Traveller reports that Air Asia has a “dream” to go back to Europe, although it doesn’t seem like this will be happening anytime soon. However, there could still be hope, as AirAsia does operate other long-haul flights.

AirAsia A330
AirAsia does operate long-haul routes to destinations such as Brisbane. Photo: AirAsia

Why AirAsia doesn’t fly to Europe

According to CEO Tony Fernandes, there is simply too much capacity to justify AirAsia services to Europe. Plenty of carriers, from British Airways to KLM to Lufthansa, operate direct links between points in East and Southeast Asia with European cities.

AirAsia is a low-cost carrier. In comparison to full-service carriers, AirAsia will charge less for their products, however, they do not provide all the frills and amenities of a full-service carrier. Despite this, the airline does have a business class product, although their angle-flat seats are not competitive with some of today’s products.

Air Asia flatbed
AirAsia offers angle-flat seats in business class.

AirAsia could return to Europe

AirAsia could make a return to Europe. Ultimately, the airline has 100 A330-900neo aircraft on order. These are more fuel efficient and offer better operating economics than older A330s. The A330neos have the capability to operate long-haul flights with heavy loads. AirAsia is known for some of, but not the most, dense aircraft configurations. In fact, their A330-900neo seats 377 passengers! There are 12 seats in business and 365 in economy.

AirAsia A330neo
AirAsia can use their new A330-900neo on routes to Europe. Photo: Simple Flying

AirAsia will likely need a connecting partner in Europe. Full-service carriers will probably steer clear of partnering with AirAsia. However, a low-cost carrier like Norwegian may seize the opportunity. Across low-cost carriers, joint-ventures and connections allow for less of a shock to passengers as they transition from one carrier to the next. Furthermore, Norwegian has signaled an interest in partnering with an Asian carrier. AirAsia could fit that bill.

When will AirAsia return to Europe?

It is very unlikely that AirAsia will launch flights to Europe in the near future. The idea is under intense scrutiny and AirAsia will have to justify the operating costs of the route. Ultimately, operating loss-making routes doesn’t work well for any carrier. It will likely take a few years for AirAsia to sign up the necessary partners and build up the infrastructure and ground operations needed to launch flights to Europe.

Furthermore, it also depends on their A330neo deliveries. Without the A330neo, AirAsia likely could not make flights to Europe work since current A330s are not as fuel-efficient.

Previously, the airline has flirted with flights to the United States on A330neos. It is unclear if flights to Europe or the U.S. are more desirable for AirAsia.

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