Air Canada Reveals First Ever Airbus A220 Routes

Air Canada has announced the first two routes to be served by its new Airbus A220 aircraft. Both of the new international routes are set to launch in the first half of 2020.

Air Canada, Airbus A220, First Routes
Air Canada’s new Airbus A220s will enter service in May 2020. Photo: Air Canada

The Airbus A220, formerly known as the Bombardier C Series, is becoming a popular choice for airlines. In fact, there are currently 570 A220s on order, consisting of 93 -100s and 477 -300s. Air Canada is due to receive 45 Airbus A220s, all of the -300 variety. While other airlines look to solely use the A220, Air Canada will integrate the A220 into its existing fleet.

Two routes at once

Many airlines will roll out a new aircraft on new routes incrementally. Take British Airways, for example, who have just received their first Airbus A350. They are taking a phased approach to roll out their A350. The first long haul route will be Dubai, followed by Toronto, Tel Aviv, and Bengaluru in stages. Meanwhile Virgin are using their new A350’s on one route, but slowly upping capacity.

Air Canada is taking a different approach, however. The carrier will launch its two first-ever Airbus A220 routes simultaneously. This will see Air Canada launching flights to San Jose and Seattle using the aircraft. Both routes are transcontinental international flights.

Air Canada, Airbus A220, First Routes
The two routes to debut the Airbus A220. Photo: GCMaps

Toronto to San Jose

Air Canada’s first new route will see the A220 flying from Toronto (YYZ) to San Jose (SJC). The flight, due to launch on the 4th of May, 2020, will operate daily on the following schedule:

  • AC765 is scheduled to depart from Toronto at 08:55 daily. Following the 2,250 mile flight, the aircraft is scheduled to touch down in San Jose at 11:28.
  • AC766 operates the return flight departing from San Jose at 12:15 after around 45 minutes on the ground. The return flight touches down in Toronto at 20:10.

Montreal to Seattle

Air Canada’s second Airbus A220 route will also take flight on the 4th of May, 2020, though slightly later in the day. The transcontinental international route will also operate once per day. The flights to Boeing’s home will operate to the following schedule:

  • AC565 will depart from Montreal at 17:55. After flying just under 2,300 miles, the flight touches down in Seattle at 20:45.
  • After spending the night in Seattle, AC566 will depart at 08:35. It is then due to touch down in Montreal at 16:34 later that day.
Air Canada, Airbus A220, First Routes
Air Canada’s new A220 will have a 2-3 layout in the cabin. Photo: Air Canada

Not the longest A220 route

While the two transcontinental routes may seem like a long flight in a narrow-body aircraft, there are actually longer flights. The longest A220 flight sees airBaltic flying the A220 between Riga and Abu Dhabi. This seasonal flight has a flight time of 5-hours and 50-minutes. While it may seem unpleasant, airBaltic’s CEO doesn’t believe it is, as the aircraft has five seats abreast instead of six.

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