Air Canada’s Brand New Airbus A220 Has Been Repainted Already

Last week Air Canada’s stunning new Airbus A220 livery was revealed. However, it has already been repainted due to an issue with the original paint job. The airline’s logo was incorrectly applied to the tail.

Air Canada, Airbus A220, logo mishap
Airbus mistakenly painted Air Canada’s logo back to front on its first A220. Photo: Air Canada

The Air Canada logo consists of a red maple leaf surrounded by a red circle. However, the red circle is not complete, with a break at the base of the maple leaf. Despite being paid an awful lot for the new aircraft, it seems that Airbus Canada had mistakenly applied the Air Canada logo to the aircraft back to front.

How was the mistake made?

While vinyl wraps can be applied to aircraft, such as this Boeing 787, aircraft are typically painted in layers. Usually base colors are painted onto the aircraft first, with more intricate details painted on top. Stencils can be used to complete details such as an airline’s name.

Air Canada, Airbus A220, logo mishap
Air Canada’s first Airbus A220 before the mistake was spotted. Photo: Airbus

The tails of aircraft are, however, sometimes supplied to the final assembly line already painted. Here’s why that sometimes happens. However, Airbus A220 aircraft are assembled with the tails unpainted. As such, it is down to the painters to apply the airline’s livery to the entire aircraft in the paint shop.

What happened?

While applying the Air Canada logo to the tail, Airbus’ painters made a subtle error. The logo was painted back to front. The error was much more subtle than when “Cathay Paciic” was painted onto the side of a Boeing 777. In fact, until it was pointed out by readers, Simple Flying didn’t spot the error.

Unlike some tails, the logo painted on the Air Canada tail is almost symmetrical. The only difference is where the maple leaf attaches to the circle surrounding it. It only attaches to one side of the circle. Unfortunately, the aircraft’s painters chose the wrong side.

Air Canada, Airbus A220, logo mishap
Spot the difference! – Photos: Air Canada | Airbus

Seemingly the error was so subtle that even Airbus’ press department didn’t realize. In fact, photos of the mistake were proudly published with a press release, before the mistake was spotted by those outside Airbus.

Already fixed

Thankfully, Airbus has already taken steps to repaint the aircraft for Air Canada, this time with the correct logo applied. An Airbus Canada representative told Simple Flying:

“Certain elements of one rondelle were executed incorrectly in painting the tail of Air Canada’s first A220 and this has already been rectified. There is no impact on the aircraft delivery schedule.”

Simple Flying has contacted Air Canada for comment.

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