Air Canada Launches Route To Connect Airbus In France And Canada

Air Canada is to launch a new route connecting Airbus in Canada and France. The new year-round service will link the company’s Toulouse and Montreal locations when it launches next June.

Air Canada, Montreal, Toulouse, Airbus
Air Canada will launch a year-round link between Montreal and Toulouse. Photo: Air Canada

Following its take over of Bombardier’s C Series program, Airbus has had a manufacturing presence in the Canadian city of Montreal. Currently, there is no direct link between Montreal and Airbus’ headquarters in Toulouse. However, this is set to change as Air Canada will soon connect the two cities. The flight from Montreal to Toulouse will take place overnight, perfect for Airbus Employees to make morning meetings.

The new service

Air Canada’s new service will link Montreal and Toulouse. It will be incredibly handy for Airbus employees, as well as any Canadians needing to visit Airbus in Toulouse. The flight will operate five times a week in each direction linking Airbus’ A220 factory, where Air Canada’s Airbus A220s are being constructed, with its main offices. Let’s take a look at the schedule:

  • Firstly, AC826 will depart from Montreal (YUL) at 19:15. The flight will arrive in Toulouse (TLS) at 08:15 the next day. AC826 will operate on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.
  • Secondly, AC827 will depart Toulouse (TLS) at 10:00 after around 1-hour 45-minutes on the ground. It is scheduled to arrive in Montreal (YUL) at 12:00 that same day. The return flight will operate on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

Air Canada, Montreal, Toulouse, Airbus
The route will link Airbus’s A220 plant with its head office in Toulouse. Photo: GCMaps

The flights will commence on the 4th of June 2020. Of course, Air Canada will not be using a Boeing aircraft to link the two Airbus sites. Instead, it will be using an Airbus A330-300 which seats 292 passengers across three cabins.

Being an Airbus site, it is important that the Montreal factory has a link to its head office. While we live in an age where lots can be accomplished via the internet, some things still need a face to face meeting. By launching the new route, people traveling between the two sites will not need to connect, for example in Paris.


However, the flight is not exclusively for Airbus employees. Tickets are on sale to members of the public starting at a special introductory price of $729 CDN for a round trip. With Air Canada’s network of flights from Montreal, the flight will also be hugely convenient for those planning to travel to the south of France.

Air Canada, Montreal, Toulouse, Airbus
Air Canada’s new Airbus A220s are being constructed in Montreal. Photo: Air Canada

Air Canada’s CEO said of the new route: “Air Canada is very pleased to offer non-stop, year-round flights linking Montreal and Toulouse. This service will create opportunities to accelerate synergies between two of the world’s leading aerospace industry hubs.”

Do you think Air Canada’s new Airbus connection is a good idea? Let us know in the comments!


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More nonstop flights to more locations does seem the general trend. Connections cities that share an industry, like oil and gas, also isn’t new. It seems surprising that traffic would be sufficient. I was expecting it to be something like the special A318 that does La Guardia – London City.


Probably too big of a plane. Hard to believe there is a need for 200+ passengers 5 times a week. But maybe it will work.

Roy Mercer

AC Conx YUL/Toulouse
This is a fantastic opportunity for AC to renew its connection to Airbus, after stupidly wandering away to order
MAX 8s in a fit of silliness just as those misbegotten aircraft were grounded right after delivery.
AC should be looking for an excuse to dump those MAX 8s ASAP and replace them with A320/321/A321ELRs.
AC should also be looking to increase its order for A220s..a far superior aircraft to MAX8s.
Sadly, no matter what happens with MAX8s now, they are worth only recycling into beercans.
I wouldn’t offer them $1 for one of those horrors.

Louis Donovan

I always thought that Air Canada would consider purchasing the A350 , maybe possibly to replace the Boeing 767-300ER and the Boeing 777-200LR. Although the latter caters to the same market as the A350.


It will be funny if they ever have to sub in a Boeing aircraft on flight. Also, to bad they removed the passenger terminal from Mirabel. It seems that would have been the better location for this flight.