Air Canada To Offer All Business Class A319 Flights To Select Winter Destinations

Air Canada has today announced that it is redeploying its fleet of all-business class Jetz charter Airbus A319s on select commercial winter routes. The flag carrier of Canada is looking to provide an elevated level of comfort and service for its customers with this move.

Air Canada Jetz
Air Canada is making changes to its Jetz aircraft operations. Photo: Air Canada

Flying with style

According to a press release seen by Simple Flying, each of the Jetz A319s are configured only with Air Canada’s 58 North American business class seats. This number is less than half the standard amount of seats on this type.

Jetz is Air Canada’s premier charter service provider. The carrier takes pride in its business class that caters to the needs of professional sports teams, entertainment groups, and corporate clients.

Some of the many famous travelers on these services include music artists such as Phil Collins, Bruce Springsteen, U2, Rolling Stones, and Spice Girls. When it comes to sports teams, fliers include the Montreal Canadiens, Toronto Maple Leafs, Toronto Raptors, Edmonton Oilers, Calgary Flames, and Vancouver Canucks.

Air Canada Jetz Seats
There will be plenty of comfort for customers on these flights. Photo: Air Canada

Opening up opportunities

However, commercial customers can now enjoy the perks of these planes. From today, passengers can book flights for travel during the Christmas period between December 12th and January 6th. There is also another schedule for March flights currently being planned. Nonstop routes for this winter depart from Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver to several airports.

Destinations from the three cities include:

  • Montreal: Barbados and Vancouver
  • Toronto: Barbados, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Fort Myers, Cancun, Kelowna, and Vancouver
  • Vancouver: Palm Springs, Phoenix, and Puerto Vallarta

Passengers looking to fly for leisure purposes can take advantage of Air Canada Vacation’s Ultimate Escapes package, which include Jetz flights, along with options for luxury hotels and resorts, transfers, and complimentary services. Further details about these promotions will soon be shared on

Air Canada Jetz Livery
Air Canada Jetz began operating in 2001. Photo: Air Canada

Benefits for passengers

Air Canada VP of network planning and alliances Mark Galardo spoke about his airline’s initiative. He explained the perks of this new service.

“Air Canada is very pleased to offer its customers a unique opportunity to travel like a pro athlete or a VIP and experience our premium Jetz service,” Galardo said, as per the press release.

“Customers booking on a Jetz flight will enjoy such amenities as its all-Business Class seating configuration, upgraded meal service, and shorter boarding and deplaning times. These features, combined with Jetz’s other attributes, create a private-jet-like experience.”

Air Canada Jetz Interior
Passengers will appreciate the space on these jets. Photo: Air Canada

Notably, the global health crisis is still rocking the aviation industry. So, several passengers may be concerned about traveling in the current conditions. Therefore, the move to deploy Jetz charter aircraft on particular commercial routes could go a long way. Undoubtedly, many travelers will be more comfortable flying this way instead of normal processes in the present climate. The carrier had previous success with similar offerings earlier this year.

Altogether, what are your thoughts about Air Canada redeploying its Jetz Airbus A319 aircraft on select commercial routes? Do you think that this is a good move by the airline? Let us know what you think of the situation in the comment section.