Air Canada Launches Monthly Infinite Flight Pass

It is rare to see a premium airline offer an unlimited flight pass, but Air Canada is doing just that. In an effort to stimulate travel and generate some revenue, Air Canada is now offering an Infinite Canada Flight Pass. Prices vary depending on the duration of the pass, the type of fare, and where you reside, but if you are a frequent flier in Canada, the offer may catch your interest.

Air Canada is now offering an unlimited flight pass. Photo: Getty Images

In a media statement on Wednesday, Air Canada said,

“For one flat fee, pass holders will be able to book travel without blackout or booking restrictions, make changes or cancellations without penalty, and fly as often as desired for up to three months, depending on the duration of pass purchased.”

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Air passes are making a comeback

At first glance, air passes for unlimited travel can seem very attractive. They are largely a relic from a previous era. But a few airlines have relaunched air passes this year. Air Canada now joins that club. The airline has previously offered flight passes on a regional basis, but this new pass is the most all-encompassing one we’ve seen from the airline to date.

For the airlines, air passes can provide a handy cash injection and encourage people to fly. If you are in the air three or four times a week, Air Canada’s latest offer may appeal. But for most potential buyers, the devil is in the detail, and the detail is worth reading.

To begin with, the offer is only open to Canadian residents and members of Aeroplan for domestic travel within Canada. The flight pass is valid for one month to three months, depending on the chosen validity period. All bookings must be booked and flown within the validity period.

Prices vary depending on the duration of pass, fare type, and where you live. Photo: Air Canada

Air Canada unlimited flight pass price varies

There are three fare options, each with different attributes, availability, terms, and conditions. They are Standard, Flex, and Latitude. The price seems to be based on where you reside in Canada.

Air Canada provides an example for a resident of Ontario. A one-month standard Infinite Canada Flight Pass will cost CAD$2,260 per month including taxes. A one-month flex Infinite Canada Flight Pass will cost CAD$2,825 per month including taxes. Upgrading to a one-month latitude Infinite Canada Flight Pass will cost CAD$5,650 per month, including taxes.

Air Canada notes passengers holding a latitude Infinite Canada Flight Pass can apply for a business class upgrade within 48 hours of departure. However, the upgrade is not guaranteed and is subject to space availability. It’s also worth noting that the clock starts ticking on validity at the time of purchase, not when taking the first flight.

If you are a frequent flyer, the Air Canada travel pass might work for you. Photo: Air Canada Newsroom

Air Canada flight pass an innovative offering but questionable value

But as one Air Canada regular said on a frequent flyer forum yesterday, the value of the flight pass is questionable.

“I struggle to see how this is a worthwhile pass unless you really have a lot of flying to do over the next month. The mileage accrual on this is only fair, and there are no AE miles awarded. Two transcons would be a similar number of miles for likely less money plus the additional AE miles.

“Have to give AC credit for continuing to be creative, but I would suspect the uptake on this will be small.”

Our frequent flyer is right about giving Air Canada some credit. They are thinking outside the box and being a little bit innovative. The flight pass may not be for everyone, but it might work well for some. It’s another product offering, and more choices are always welcome.

The window for buying an Air Canada Infinite Canada Flight Pass is small. The pass is available for sale from September 16 to September 23, inclusive. We’ll be interested to see what the uptake is like.