Major Cuts Coming To Air Canada’s Inflight Services

Amid the global coronavirus pandemic, airlines are improving aircraft cleaning and inflight service procedures. Air Canada now has announced some major inflight service cuts.

Air Canada is making some major changes to inflight service. Photo: Air Canada

Major inflight service cuts at Air Canada

The changes in service depend on the route per Air Canada’s announcement. For flights within Canada and to the US, Caribbean, and Central America, Air Canada is making the following changes:

  • No more bar service. Instead, all passengers will receive water bottles
  • Air Canada has taken away pillows and blankets on routes to and from these destinations
  • No food service in Premium Economy and Economy Class (including Bistro offerings)
  • Only pre-packaged meals or snacks on flights longer than two hours in Business Class (no special meal requests)
Air Canada meal
Only pre-packaged meals in Business Class on flights to the US, Caribbean, Canada, and Central America. Photo: Air Canada

One of the exempted routes is flights between Toronto and Honolulu. In all cabin classes, Air Canada will offer complimentary pre-packaged meals. This is one of the longer flights in this category of destinations. These changes have already taken effect

In addition, on Air Canada Rouge flights, there will no longer be an offering of iPads.

Air Canada Rouge
Air Canada Rouge will not offer iPads for passengers. Photo: Air Canada

Changes on long-haul flights

Inflight service on long-haul flights will change. Food service transitions will happen at a to be determined date. This will see all cabin classes receive pre-packaged food. Bar service will also be limited to water only.

Air Canada
Long-haul flights will receive pre-packaged food in all cabin classes. Photo: Air Canada

In Premium Economy and Economy, Air Canada is not offering any pillows or blankets.

Air Canada Premium economy
Premium Economy passengers will not receive pillows or blankets on long-haul flights. Photo: Air Canada

In Air Canada Signature Class, there will only be blankets – no pillows.

Air Canada Signature Service cuts
In Signature Class, Air Canada is only offering blankets and no pillows. Photo: Air Canada

Long-haul flights include destinations in Europe, Asia, Australia, and South America.

Shuttering some lounges

As of March 18th, Air Canada is closing some lounges and altering offerings. At Air Canada’s largest hub in Toronto Pearson International Airport, Air Canada is shutting its Signature Suite.

AC Signature Suite
Air Canada has shut its Signature Suite at Toronto Pearson. Photo: Air Canada

Moreover, the airline is shutting the Air Canada Cafe also at Toronto Pearson International Airport.

Air Canada
The Air Canada Cafe at Toronto Pearson is also shut. Photo: Air Canada

In addition, Air Canada is shuttering all Maple Leaf Lounges at Toronto Pearson, Ottawa, St. John’s, Regina, and Saskatoon. The London-Heathrow Arrivals Lounge is also closed.

St Johns Lounge
The St. John’s Maple Leaf Lounge is also closed. Photo: Air Canada

Open lounges will offer adjusted menu options involving prepackaged snacks and staff-assisted service for beverages. Air Canada is also taking measures to improve cleanliness at the lounges.


Lastly, the BMW Chauffeur Service is also suspended. Air Canada is making drastic cuts to its inflight and ground services. This comes as travel demand plunges and airlines are forced to deal with more passengers who are concerned about the pandemic. In addition, to reduce the spread of the virus, the Canadian airline is also ensuring that its customers and crew interact with as few items as possible where it may be spread.

Air Canada economy
Plan for travel as Air Canada cuts inflight services. Photo: Air Canada

These changes will significantly alter the experience for passengers in all cabin classes. Passengers should foresee these and plan for travel accordingly. You can still bring your own snacks onboard the aircraft. In addition, a personal travel pillow and blanket may also come in handy.

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