Air Canada Showcases Iconic Country Scenes In New Safety Video

Airline safety videos have become a hot topic in recent years. When the time comes for an update, carriers have tough choices to make. Do they go for a comedic approach like British Airways and its star-studded video? Or, do they go for an energetic angle, such as Alaska Airlines’ famous Safety Dance?

Air Canada 777
Air Canada is proud of its nation’s offerings. Photo: Air Canada

Rather than going for eccentricity, Air Canada has opted for an outdoorsy stance. The flag carrier of Canada has chosen to showcase its country’s natural beauty with its new safety video.

Pretty sights

Last week, Air Canada announced that it will be serving 50 airports across Canada this summer. This move emphasizes how much the airline is backing its nation’s tourism industry in the coming period.

Canada Landscape
Nunavut’s landscape, Prince Edward Island’s Cavendish Beach, and Saskatchewan’s wheat fields are all features shown off in the video. Photo: Air Canada

Following this display of faith, the carrier today launched a safety video highlighting some of the most picturesque scenes seen in a product of its type. While a narrator calmly informs passengers of the vital safety procedures on board the aircraft, views can see footage of iconic locations such as Alberta’s foothills, Manitoba’s Little Limestone Lake, and BC’s North Shore mountains.

Plenty to experience

Andrew Shibata, Vice President – Brand at Air Canada, took a moment to speak about the approach to the new safety video. Overall, the company is keen to highlight the wonders of its home country.

“Air Canada’s new Ode to Canada safety video is a celebration of the best of Canada from coast-to-coast-to-coast. Including our own uniformed employees who are responsible for the safety of every Air Canada flight, our new video presents all aircraft safety instructions in a compelling, associative way by drawing on some of our country’s most spectacular scenery and visually connecting viewers to each province and territory through all four seasons,” Shibata said in a statement.

“It has been almost seven years since we last produced a safety video. In choosing to feature Canada, we are also aiming to provide a warm welcome to Canadians travelling home from abroad and inviting all of our customers to join us in exploring everything that Canada has to offer in support of the country’s tourism and hospitality sectors.”

Air Canada - Canada
Canadians would also notice Newfoundland & Labrador’s Gros Morne National Park, Northwest Territories’ Northern Lights, Nova Scotia’s Lunenburg, and New Brunswick’s Hopewell Cape. Photo: Air Canada

A national motive

Altogether, there has been a refined focus on domestic operations across Canada over the last year. The pandemic has undoubtedly made it a struggle for airlines to consistently provide regular services abroad. As a result, airlines have been adapting their schedules and ramping up services across the nation.

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For instance, Swoop has been keen to send its Boeing 737 aircraft to popular vacation spots in Canada. Moreover, earlier this year, WestJet announced its domestic recovery with 11 routes.

Flair Airlines also recently told Simple Flying about how its new 737 MAX aircraft will be deployed well at its national bases. Meanwhile, Air Transat recently shared details of its domestic flights between Montreal, Quebec City, Vancouver, and Toronto.

Despite the domestic focus during this period, international routes aren’t completely out of the picture for Canada’s carriers. Flights to the likes of the United States, Mexico, and the Caribbean are all set to feature heavily before the year is over. Notably, the country’s aviation industry is eagerly awaiting crucial updates regarding travel restrictions this summer.

What are your thoughts about Air Canada’s new safety video? Are you looking forward to flying with the airline to any of the domestic hotspots this year? Let us know what you think of the carrier and its operations in the comment section.