Air Canada To Undergo Huge System Migration

Travelers looking to amend or purchase flights with Air Canada on 18-19 November have been warned of service unavailability. This is whilst Air Canada undergoes a migration of its reservation system.

Air Canada To Undergo Huge System Migration
Air Canada will be temporarily suspending booking as it overhauls its reservation system. Photo: Simple Flying

Bookings will be unavailable during the maintenance

As of 20:00ET on 18th November until midday on 19th November, creating new bookings and amending existing bookings will be unavailable at The airline is undergoing a revamp of its reservations system to allow it to improve booking management.

But Air Canada has assured its passengers that flights will operate as normal and bookings after 18th November are secure. Moreover, for those passengers worried about data protection, the airline has assured its customers that privacy protection is a top priority. It has placed a number of safeguards to ensure personal data is not shared.

But some services on the platform will still be available during downtime. Online and kiosk check-in will still function during the migration. As will mobile check-in via Air Canada’s app. Passengers will also be able to review their flight status online and via the app too.

It appears that Air Canada has also gone to great length to ensure that all eventualities have been met. Any customers wishing to book flights within these times are able to contact a Travel Agent to evaluate their options. This suggests that emergency travel bookings are not totally off the cards.

Air Canada To Undergo Huge System Migration
Some functions will still be available, like online, app and kiosk check-in. Photo: Air Canada

But Air Canada has gone to a lot of effort to protect bookings, its customers and ensure a smooth migration. Why the effort?

Better management of passenger bookings

Well, the planned change is going to be quite a step-up in allowing Air Canada to manage bookings. Its current booking system is 40 years old. Needless to say, the delicate operation is relatively essential. Air Canada will be switching out its current system for another provided by Amadeus.

The Amadeus system will allow the airline to offer a more tailored approach as well as more effective passenger management. The new reservation system will offer personalized promotions to customers as well as operational solutions like departure control and inventory management. It’s a system that Texas-based airline Southwest has also prospered from in the past year.

Service synchronicity

Since other airlines have also adopted packages with the software provider, confidence is growing in its capabilities. Passengers of Air Canada might not necessarily notice the difference, but it should revolutionize and solve the problems that the airline had previously faced. With a growing passenger base, the airline needs technology to match.

But the reservation system overhaul is just one of the changes that will help Air Canada adapt to modern travel. The airline also recently received updates on its Airbus A220 order. The livery was revealed earlier this month on 45 jets that the airline hopes to receive soon. The order is part of a fleet renovation that will allow Air Canada to create more profitable routes and open new ones as well.

Air Canada To Undergo Huge System Migration
The airline has invested over 45 A220 to modernize its fleet. Photo: Air Canada

If you think your travel might be affected by the planned maintenance, you can find more information on Air Canada’s website.