Drake Got His Private Boeing 767 Jet For Free

Less than a month after Drake revealed his new private 767 to the world, it turns out he didn’t buy it at all. Rather, it was given to him by Canadian firm Cargojet, in return for having their name written on it somewhere.

Air Drake
Air Drake was free! Photo: Steelhead 2010 via Flickr

You may remember a month ago we introduced you to rapper Drake’s new private Boeing 767 jet, nicknamed Air Drake. Gleaming white with chrome trim and a ridiculously opulent interior, you would have been forgiven for feeling a touch of the green eyed monster for what Drake has all to himself.

Air Drake
The spacious Air Drake interior. Photo: champagnepapi via Instagram

At the time we speculated that perhaps he didn’t pay for all of it. In fact, we knew he couldn’t have paid for all of it, being worth only $150m himself and the jet being valued at around $185m… without the interior. Cargojet alluded to the fact that they’d ‘helped’ Drake along, saying,

“We are very excited to partner with Drake as our ambassador and assisting him with his logistical needs and requirements. We have had a lengthy relationship with Drake and this partnership has grown organically between both parties. Cargojet and Drake are both great Canadian successes, we are thrilled to be partnering together,”

Well, now we know just how much Drake shelled out to get that swanky 767, emblazoned with is name and his custom OVO owl logo. He paid precisely… zero. That’s right, he got the plane given to him for free. Wow.

How did Drake snag a free 767?

According to TMZ, Cargojet gave the aircraft, worth millions of dollars, to Drake for absolutely nothing because they want the publicity. They say it’s literally a flying advertising billboard, and that it will more than pay for itself in free advertising as Drake jets around the world in it.

Cargojet are hoping that, as he enjoys all the luxuries his private jet has to offer, he’ll be willing to snap a few photos for his followers. In turn, they get their name shared around the world… apparently that’s worth a couple of hundred million dollars to the Canadian company.

The influencer of all influencers

With 58m Instagram followers, Drake is what the marketing world call an ‘influencer’. These individuals, often self-starters working out of their bedrooms, may have thousands or even millions of followers and subscribers on channels like YouTube and Instagram. As such, they are in a prime position to promote a brand or product on their feeds.

With 58m followers, Drake is a king among influencers. Photo: Wikimedia

Most influencers manage to snag a freebie or two along the way. Popular beauty vloggers might get a new makeup product or hair tool to test out, travel bloggers might get a free hotel night here and there, but it’s rarely any more glamorous than that. Heck, we at Simple Flying have even been accused of being paid by Virgin’s Richard Branson for free press (we wish!).

It seems that it’s not the manners that maketh a man, but the numbers these days. With more followers comes a bigger prize, and with 58 million, it seems that prize can be as big as a 767 jet. However, we’re not entirely sure what a Canadian cargo airline is expecting to get out of promoting itself to a few million rap loving millennials. Time will tell if it pays off.

Not everyone is impressed

Of course, not everyone is impressed with Drake’s success in securing a free 767. Some users took to Twitter to vent their frustration.

Others seemed more concerned about how Drake was going to afford the running and maintenance costs of such a big aircraft.

That’s quite a good point actually. Let’s hope Drake’s got the baller funds enough to keep this bird in the sky.