A Look Inside Drake’s Crazy New Private Boeing 767 Jet


32 year old Canadian rapper Drake has revealed his very own private 767 jet. Delivered in partnership with Canadian freight firm Cargojet, the new plane has leather seating, gold adorned walls and is insanely spacious.

Air Drake
Air Drake is possibly the most lavish private jet we’ve ever seen. Photo: champagnepapi via Instagram

Canadian rapper Drake is well known for his luxurious lifestyle. As well as owning a LaFerrari and an SLR McLaren, he’s now got a new vehicle to add to his assets. This week, Drake showed off his new private jet, but this is not a private jet like any other.

Drake’s new jet is immense. A converted 767-200 freighter, it’s pretty much a flying mansion. The 32 year old ‘Trophies’ star has proudly shown off his latest purchase to his 57 million followers on Instagram as the finishing touches are applied in the paint shop.


However, some have hit out at Drake, calling the rapper a hypocrite, after he rapped about climate change in his song, ‘Heat of the Moment’. In the song, he says:

‘And all the cops are still hangin’ out at the doughnut shops. Talkin’ ’bout how the weather’s changin. The ice is meltin’ as if the world is endin.’

It seems his brief dabble with environmental activism has been called to an abrupt halt. Can you imagine the carbon footprint of a 767 that only accommodates 10 passengers?


Still, this sort of indulgence takes ‘ballin’ to a whole new level. In a snipe at Kimye’s chartered 747, Drake said of his plane: “No rental, no timeshare, no co-owners”. However, with Drake himself valued at $140m, and a customized 767 costing much more than that, we think there’s more to this purchase than meets the eye.

The Drake Air 767

Drakes private customized jet is a 767-24Q(ER), registered N767CJ. According to PlaneSpotters, it was built at Boeing’s Everett site and is around 22.7 years old. It previously belonged to Mid East Jet, a charter airline working out of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia. It was sold last year to Elan Express.

N767CJ in a previous life. Photo: Wikimedia

Following a bit of shuttling between Hamilton and Texas for painting, the finished article was unveiled to Drake just a couple of days ago, and it sure is pretty.


While it looks white in the images, it’s actually a very pale blue. The engines are liveried with the words ‘Air Drake’ and trimmed with a shiny chrome cowl edging. The OVO owl logo is painted in silver on both sides, and the tailfin adorned with his praying hands image.

You can check out Air Drake leaving Hamilton International for the first time in its new livery, courtesy of Ernest Gutschik Aviation on YouTube. It flew from there to Providenciales International on Turks and Caicos. Word is him and his ‘crew’ were attending a wedding there over the weekend.

What about the inside?

Of course, as pretty as this plane is on the outside, what we all really want to know is what has he put inside this massive private plane?

Lucky for us, Drake took his fans on a tour of the aircraft to show off his style inside.

It’s quite something to behold, you have to admit. Gold walls are offset with chocolate brown sofas and plush striped carpets. There seems to be a multitude of places to hang out, from dining areas to lounges, with giant TV screens throughout the aircraft.

Air Drake
The spacious Air Drake interior. Photo: champagnepapi via Instagram

With no overhead lockers to accommodate, the aircraft is spacious and airy. Custom lighting adorns the ceilings, and there are plenty of other luxurious touches – check out those standard lamps!

How much did Drake pay for that 767?

According to Boeing’s website, a new 767 costs around $200m, although that would be for a brand new 767-300ER. Air Drake was an ex freighter, converted to a private jet (probably at great expense). Brand new, Airways Mag reckons these cost around $185m, but on the second hand market this would probably be a fair bit less.

Well, it turns out he didn’t pay anything like that for it, because it’s not entirely his. According to a press release by Canadian firm Cargojet,

“We are very excited to partner with Drake as our ambassador and assisting him with his logistical needs and requirements,” said Ajay Virmani, President and Chief Executive Officer. “We have had a lengthy relationship with Drake and this partnership has grown organically between both parties. Cargojet and Drake are both great Canadian successes, we are thrilled to be partnering together,”

Cargojet 767
Cargojet use the 767 for freight operations. Photo: Wikimedia

We assume ‘assisting him with his logistical needs and requirements’ means giving him a plane in return for some promotional work. Although no details have been released regarding Drake’s contribution to the arrangement, we reckon he got an absolute bargain deal with Cargojet. Speaking about the partnership, Drake said:

“Supporting home grown businesses has always been a top priority of mine, so when an opportunity came up to get involved with a great Canadian company I was honored to do so.”

We’ll certainly be keeping our eyes peeled for Air Drake in the future.