Air Europa Returns To Most Of Its Latin American Destinations

During July, Air Europa expects to fly to 20 out of the 23 Latin American and US destinations it had before the COVID-19 pandemic. According to Cirium, the airline expects to have 432 flights, offering 137,520 seats to these two regions. Let’s investigate further.

Air Europa Returns To Most Of Its Latin American Destinations
Air Europa is flying back to most of its destinations in Latin America and the United States. Photo: Getty Images.

The importance of Latin America

Like Iberia, Air Europa has many flights to Latin America from Spain. Before the COVID pandemic, it flew to 23 destinations in the whole continent.

Slowly but surely, Air Europa has been reopening some flights. Following Spain’s ease of travel restrictions to Latin American travelers, the airline is increasing its capacity in this region.

In July, Air Europa will fly to Asuncion (Paraguay), Bogota (Colombia), Caracas (Venezuela), Cancun (Mexico), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Sao Paulo (Brazil), Havana (Cuba), New York’s JFK (the US), Lima (Peru), Medellin (Colombia), Miami (the US), Montevideo (Uruguay), Panama City (Panama), Punta Cana (the Dominican Republic), Samana (the Dominican Republic), San Pedro Sula (Honduras), Santo Domingo (the Dominican Republic), Salvador (Brazil), Quito (Ecuador), and Santa Cruz (Bolivia).

Next month, the airline will reactivate its flights to Panama and Salvador. For these routes, the company uses its fleet of 18 Boeing 787 Dreamliners. According to ch-aviation, Air Europa has eight B787-8 and ten B787-9. Plus, it still has to receive 11 more units of the latter.

Air Europa Airbus A330
Air Europa’s transoceanic flights are still more than 50% down compared to 2019. Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple Flying

How are the operations compared to 2019?

Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, Air Europa is far from its 2019 level of operation in Latin America and the US.

According to Cirium, in July 2019, the airline offered 974 flights to 23 destinations in Latin America. Air Europa still has to reactivate its flights to Cordoba, Puerto Iguazu (Argentina) and Recife (Brazil).

That means Air Europa is 55.6% below its pre-pandemic number of flights. It is also offering 54.2% fewer seats to Latin America and the US, per Cirium.

As reported by Aviacionline, Air Europa stated,

“The airline’s objective is to increase the number of weekly flights as the countries open up and there’s a ramp-up in traffic. An example of this is Santo Domingo, which we serve daily.”

IAG Air Europa
Iberia and Spain are pushing the European Union to approve Air Europa’s acquisition. Photo: Getty Images

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What’s the latest on Air Europa’s acquisition by Iberia?

Earlier this year, the International Airlines Group (IAG) confirmed that it would pay €500 million for Air Europa. Since the news regarding the acquisition has been slow.

As recently reported by local media outlet Preferente, the Spanish Transportation Ministry is pushing the European Commission to approve IAG’s buy of Air Europa.

Likewise, Iberia has agreed to give up specific routes to Volotea and World2fly to avoid becoming (more) of a monopolistic player.

IAG still expects the deal to be complete in the second half of 2021. Nevertheless, Air Europa is on the clock, with money running out.

On May 19, the European Union approved the State bailout of Air Europa, worth €475 million. The decision also denied Ryanair’s appeal to stop Spain’s rescue of the troubled airline. If the European Commission’s decision delays, it is possible that Air Europa could require more State funds to survive.

What do you think of Air Europa’s summer plans in Latin America and the US? Let us know in the comments.