Air France Takes Delivery Of The 350th Airbus A350

French national flag carrier Air France has taken delivery of the 350th, A350 from European planemaker Airbus yesterday, Tuesday, February 4th, 2020. In recognition of the history of French aviation, the 350th Airbus A350 to roll off the production line in Toulouse will proudly be sporting the red, white and blue colors of Air France. 

Air France has named its new A350 “Nice”. Photo: Air France

Having decided to return to the tradition of naming aircraft, Air France has called the latest member of its fleet “Nice” in tribute to the city on the French Riviera.

Nice, now joins Toulouse, Lyon and St. Denis de la Réunion, as the latest member of the A350 family to be delivered to Air France. Air France plans to have a total of 38 long-haul Airbus A350s in its modern fleet of aircraft by 2025. 


According to a press release celebrating the delivery, the aircraft will shortly begin flying to Bamako in Mali and Abidjan in the Ivory Coast. 


Air France announces six new summer 2020 A350 destinations

Along with welcoming their new Airbus A350, Air France also listed six new destinations for the summer of 2020 on which its new A350 aircraft will be deployed. 

Air France announces six new A350 destinations for the 2020 summer. Photo: Air France

All the flights will be departing from Paris-Charles De Gaulle. The destinations include: 


Abidjan, Bamako, Bangkok, Atlanta, Boston and Washington, D.C. 

  • Bamako – Abidjan: One daily flight 
  • Bangkok: Three weekly flights (outbound flight on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday; return on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday) 
  • Atlanta: One daily flight 
  • Boston: One daily flight until 4 May and subsequently two daily flights 
  • Washington: One daily flight from the 5th of June 2020

Air France defines its 2020 summer season as being from March 29th until October 25th. 

The Airbus A350 brings a new definition of comfort to Air France

All Air France A350s are configured in three classes of service that include, 34 business class, 24 premium economy, and 266 economy class seats for a total of 324 seats. The new crown jewel, in the Air France fleet, offers a wider, more spacious cabin with windows that are 30% larger than most other aircraft.

The A350 also features a lighting system that adapts to the various stages of the flight and an optimized air pressure system with regularly renewed air throughout the cabin for a more pleasant journey. Business passengers will like the privacy seat that converts to a fully flat two-meter long bed, while those in premium economy will appreciate the new 48-centimeter wide seat that reclines to 124°.

Economy passengers haven’t been forgotten either, with Air France debuting a newly designed seat with a reinforced ergonomic seat cushion and a recline of 118°. All seats on Air France A350s come with a personal high definition screen for inflight entertainment. 

Air France offers three types of WiFi access

To stay connected to the outside world, Air France offers three types of WiFi pass with its Air France CONNECT product. 

You have to pay to surf the web with Air France. Photo: Air France

For passengers only interested in sending and receiving messages, there is a free pass. If you want to surf the web and check your emails, you can purchase a Surf pass, which costs between 3€ and 18€. If you are looking to stream movies and television shows, you can purchase what Air France calls a Stream pass for 30€.

Have you flown on the new Airbus A350 yet? If so let us know how you liked it in the comments section.


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High Mile Club

Who wants to bet Air France A350 interior will look poor compared to the rest of the competition?

Chris Loh

Having flown in it in November, I thought it looked okay. I’ve seen worse color schemes!

Gerry S

Ethiopian has just about the most garish interior I have ever seen. Way too busy. No way Air France is worse than that………On the subject however, this plane should be preserved in a museum just for being the 350th copy of the 350 a/c.


AF also received the 777th B777 from Boeing as a tribute to push for the -300ER development (and hence being the launch customer of the type)


Flown A350 on Qatar Airways KLHR-DOH & HKT-DOH), much better than their Dreamliner Boeing 787

Gerry S

Wow! Two museum candidates. Cool!


I have flown in a Lufthansa A350 and it was such a wonderful plane. So quiet and smooth. The plane inside was perfect. We were in economy and had no issues. Going to be in a A330 this summer and looking forward to that. I prefer the wide body planes over the single aisle any day.