Air France Launches New Eco-Friendly Amenity Kits In Business

Air France has taken a step in the right direction towards more eco-conscious long-haul operations by launching a new amenity kit for its intercontinental premium cabin offerings. Made from 93% recycled materials, the kits now feature a toothbrush and pen made out of cornstarch and earplugs wrapped in kraft paper instead of plastic.

Air France Boeing 777 Vincenzo
Air France continues on its journey to eliminate single-use plastics from its long-haul comfort offerings. Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple Flying

When it comes to environmental awareness and emissions reductions, we need the big stuff to shift. Things like sustainable aviation fuel, hydrogen, and electric propulsion will all be necessary on the path to decarbonization. However, non-specific to the aviation industry is the massive challenge of our societal addiction to plastic (certainly not helped by the pandemic and necessity for single-use items) and battle against unnecessary waste.

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The business comfort kits

Air France announced today it is taking a step in the right direction by introducing new eco-conscious comfort kits for travelers in premium cabins. Long-haul business class passengers will receive a navy blue or grey kit featuring the airline’s historic winged seahorse emblem, made to 93% of recycled material.

Socks, large and soft sleeping masks, toothpaste, and Clarins cosmetics are still included in the kit like before. However, content novelties are the complimentary toothbrush and pen, which are now both made out of corn starch. Furthermore, the earplugs provided by the airline are packaged in kraft paper to eliminate plastic wrapping.

Air France Launches New Eco-Friendly Amenity Kits In Business
The kit is made almost entirely of recycled material, and most of its contents are made from sustainable sources. Photo: Air France

Premium economy kits

While the business amenity kits may have gotten the fanciest upgrades, premium economy ones have been given a more sporty look. They now also contain a toothbrush made of corn starch and earplugs in paper instead of plastic, along with an eye mask and a pair of socks.

In addition, the plastic coverings previously wrapped around each kit have been replaced by a tamper-evident seal. All the kits are intended as gifts to be collected and taken home after the flight and used again. Furthermore, in its effort to cut down on single-use coverings, Air France is now systematically cleaning and disinfecting its headsets instead of wrapping them in plastic.

Air France Launches New Eco-Friendly Amenity Kits In Business
The premium economy comfort kit has been given a sportier look. Photo: Air France

The route to plastic-free

While aviation’s jet fuel climate impact problem might be an incredibly tricky puzzle to solve, the issue of single-use plastics is also not entirely easy to get around – particularly as the pandemic has left us terrified of touching surfaces that may have come in contact with another human being. However, that is not to say that it cannot be done.

In 2018, Hi Fly operated the world’s first plastic-free flight, and since two years back, the carrier has banned plastic entirely from its operations. British Airways has removed hundreds of tons worth of single-use plastic items from its flights. By 2023, LATAM will have phased out single-use plastics. By 2027, it hopes to have stopped landfill waste altogether.

How much do you care about the use of plastics on board your flight? Is it something you pay attention to? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts.