Air France Joon Will End In June 2019

Air France has finally set a date for the end of Joon. The millennial oriented Air France subsidiary has been earmarked for closure since early January. It looks as though the airline will be wrapped up throughout June with the last flight scheduled for 28th June.

Joon was created as Air France attempted to capture younger millennial customers. The airline sported a trendy uniform with a dance inspired safety video. Thankfully the airline’s flights won’t be cancelled just yet as the airline will be reabsorbed into Air France’s operations.

The Millenial Airline

Joon was marketed to the world as the millennial airline. In order to make the airline appeal to the younger generation, Air France changed up its product. The airline was marketed as low cost while including all the “essentials”. This included power, sockets, inflight entertainment, and a trendy colour scheme.

Joon Closure
In November, Joon annoucned CosyJoon which would allow 4 rows of economy seating to be converted into beds for families. Photo: AirFrance

The cabin crew wore “smart casual attire” including white trainers which the airline says helps the crew quickly serve passengers. The airline states “Our flight attendants will take care of you from boarding to landing, as their white sneakers help them quickly meet your needs. Stylish.”

Whacky Safety Video

While Joon’s comfy sofa style seats may be missed by families travelling long haul, the whacky Joon safety video may not be missed so much. The video sees cabin crew demonstrate safety procedures. However, these are conveyed through the medium of dance. This safety video certainly ranks among one of the more strange, however, it isn’t quite as strange as Turkish Airlines’ Lego safety video.

Route Closures Start Next Month

While Joon isn’t set to completely close until June, routes will begin to transfer to Air France in March according to Routes Online. This will start with the Paris to Istanbul route on March 29th. Next, on March 30th the Paris to Naples route will transfer. While the Paris to Manchester route was set to transfer from Air France to Joon on March 31st, this transfer has now been cancelled. The Bergen route will also be closed on March 31st.

April and May won’t see any Joon routes cancelled. The majority of the airlines’ closure will take place in June. Between the 25th and 27th of June, 15 routes will transfer across to Air France. These routes include the likes of Cairo, Cape Town, and Lisbon.

Joon Closure
Joon currently operates A320 and A340 series aircraft which will be reabsorbed into Air France. Image: BriYZZ

The final Joon flight will operate on 28th June. The flight will serve the Paris to Saint Martin route, famous for its low approach over a beach on arrival. On the 29th of June, this route will begin to be operated by Air France.

Change Over Period

As the airline is being reabsorbed into parent company Air France, it is very unlikely that changes will take place overnight. While being staffed by Air France crew, flights could still take place in Joon aircraft for a period of time afterwards. It takes around two weeks to repaint a widebody aircraft. Air France wouldn’t be able to pull all of the Joon aircraft out of service at once to repaint them.

Joon Closure
Joon’s white trainers will be missed! Photo: Air France

Simple Flying contacted a Joon representative who told us: “The continuity of operations on the Joon network is ensured, all destinations operated by Joon are maintained in the Air France network with a similar program. They will be operated by Air France as of the date of the merger of activities which is set by the end of June.”

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