Air France Starts To Reinstate Inflight Meal Services

Air France has announced that it has gradually begun reinstating in-flight meals. The French airline was able to continue offering a limited-service throughout the peak of the pandemic. However, with a vow towards safety procedures, Air France now believes it is safe for some additional services to resume.

Air France on runway
Air France resumes some catering options. Photo: Getty Images

Air France resumes short-haul services

Air France has announced that it will be resuming inflight catering across economy, premium economy, and business class for short-haul and long-haul flights. While the airline was forced to reduce its catering service at the height of the pandemic, it proudly says that it was still able to run some undisrupted catering.

Alterations to Air France’s inflight catering have been underway since June 26th. At that time, the focus was on providing dining options for short-haul passengers. Air France has restarted its catering for flights of less than two hours and 30 minutes. On those services, passengers will be offered tea, coffee, juice, water, and alcohol with a sweet or savory snack. Those passengers on flights longer than two and a half hours will have the same beverage options. However, their snack will be upgraded to a gourmet option.

Passengers in premium economy
Snacks will return to short-haul flights. Photo: Air France

Business-class meal catering, which remains unchanged, will benefit from the resumption of alcohol services. Passengers in this class will now be able to order wine or champagne.

Air France long-haul offering

Long-haul catering resumed some nine days ago with Air France, on July 10th. From now, passengers in economy and premium economy will receive a second meal on their flight. A breakfast package will be served in Air France’s BON APPETIT bag to add to the standard catering service. Throughout the pandemic, Air France says that it continued to provide a hot meal and hot and cold drinks selection to these customers.

Likewise, Air France continued to serve long-haul business class passengers throughout the pandemic with a choice of four dishes. To bring back even more of its service, as of July 10th, the airline has resumed its welcome drink package; a glass of complimentary champagne, juice or water. There will also be a self-serve gourmet basket in bars and galleys.

woman with coffee in business class
Long-haul business will get welcome drinks again. Photo: Air France

On long-haul flights over 10 hours and 30 minutes, customers will be served fresh fruit.

Despite the changes, Air France has assured customers that it is taking all the necessary safety precautions. It said in a statement,

“Air France is monitoring the changing global health situation on a daily basis and continues to adapt its service to ensure customers enjoy the best possible travel experience in optimum conditions of health and safety…all the company staff remains committed to guaranteeing you a safe trip.”

Inflight catering makes a comeback

Air France is not alone in its inflight offering. While many airlines did reduce their catering significantly more, some are now starting up services again. Air Canada is also resuming some of its dining options across the board.

Air Canada at gate
Air Canada has resumed some of its inflight catering. Photo: Getty Images

However, resuming inflight catering has not been something that every airline has been able to do. Notably, US carriers are being much more cautious about offering food to passengers. For many airlines, including Delta Air Lines and American Airlines drinks and prepackaged food are what most passengers will be provided.

That said, it makes sense that each airline introduces inflight catering only when they feel comfortable. There’s certainly no rush here. The most important thing is working to prevent the spread of the virus.

Would you feel comfortable accepting a regular catering service again? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.