Air France Adds Passenger Temperature Checks On Departure

As airlines grapple with new procedures to help combat the coronavirus pandemic while at the same time making passengers feel safe, Air France has announced that it will be checking passenger temperatures. In a press release issued yesterday, the French national flag carrier said that it would be reviewing all passenger temperatures on departing flights starting from Monday, May 11.

Air France Plane Runway-Getty Getty Images
All Air France passengers must have their temperatures checked. Photo: Getty Images

In the statement, the SkyTeam member said that to ensure the highest level of health and safety, it will be carrying out systematic checks using contactless infrared thermometers.

The wearing of a face mask will be compulsory

All passengers with a temperature of less than 38°C (100.4°F) will be cleared to fly. Meanwhile, those passengers with a higher reading may be denied boarding. If a passenger is not allowed on the flight due to a high temperature, they will be allowed to change their reservation for a later date at no charge.

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Air France will use contactless infrared thermometers. Photo: Getty Images

Along with the mandatory temperature checks, Monday will also see the compulsory wearing of face masks on all Air France flights as per a government directive. Emmanuel Macron’s government announced last week that face masks must are now mandatory on all forms of public transport.

Air France customers will be notified about the new procedures by email and SMS before their departure.

Air France safety measures

These measures are in addition to other COVID-19 rules that Air France is adhering to which include:

  • The wearing of face masks by Air France crew and agents who come into contact with passengers.
  • Marked walkways and distancing measures throughout the airport to help ensure social distancing.
  • The placing of Plexiglas screens where ever possible to help avoid contact between passengers and airline employees.
  • With passenger levels at their current levels, Air France is implementing the physical distancing of passengers onboard all aircraft. Where this is not possible, Air France reminds customers that the wearing of face masks is compulsorily for everyone, including Air France crew members.
  • All aircraft will be disinfected daily with all surfaces that come into contact with the passenger wiped down with chemical agents that kill all germs.
  • Along with the cleaning of surfaces, all aircraft will undergo the spraying of an approved virus killing spray that has a lifespan of ten days.
  • All beverage and meal services on European flights have been suspended. On long-haul flights, the cabin service will be limited to products that come individually wrapped.

The air on Air France planes is renewed every three minutes

Additionally, Air France would like to remind passengers that the air in the cabin is renewed every three minutes. All of Air France aircraft come with “High-Efficiency Particulate Air” or HEPA filters. These types of filters are also found in hospital operating theatres. Altogether, they can filter out 99.9% of all viruses, including COVID-19.

Getty passenger mask
Passengers will be required to wear a face mask on all Air France flights. Photo: Getty Images

Ultimately, Air France is affirming that the safety and well-being of its employees and passengers will always come first. In the current environment, it is tough to imagine flying anywhere unless you absolutely had to. Do these new measures by Air France make you feel any safer, or do you think Emirates idea of testing passengers for the coronavirus is better?

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