Air France Seeks Venezuelan Approval To Suspend Flights – But Why?

As one of the last international big airlines flying to Venezuela, Air France has now pulled the plug on its Paris to Caracas flight. Blaming COVID-19 as the reason, the airline is looking to suspend its service for at least two years.

Air France A330
Air France has suspended its CDG to CCS route. Photo: Air France

Air France has been flying to Venezuela for 68 years, and to say it is pulling out because of COVID-19 is a bit of a stretch to believe. Since the coronavirus emerged in Europe during the spring, France has seen 31,661 deaths, while only 591 people have died due to the virus in Venezuela.

Controls and Corruption

The real reason Air France is looking to leave what was once a route for its supersonic Concorde is currency controls and corruption. When the oil price dropped, the Venezuelan Bolivar became almost worthless, forcing people to pay for goods and services in either Colombian pesos or American dollars. And it is not just the oil price that has caused the country to collapse but the mismanagement of the Venezuelan economy by the Maduro government.

Air France used to fly Concorde to Caracas back in the 70s. Photo Getty Images

In Venezuela, the government acts as a broker between foreign businesses and owes airlines and an estimated $4 billion. The chance of any other them ever seeing any of that money would depend on Maduro’s government losing its grip on power.

Air France met with the government

According to the aviation website, Live And Let’s Fly, Venezuelan media reported earlier in the week that Air France was pulling out because they could not make a profit on the route. In the past, President Nicolás Maduro has made it clear that any airline which stopped flying to Simón Bolívar International Airport (CCS) would not be welcomed back.

To avoid dealing with this, a delegation from Air France met with government officials to stress that Air France was suspending the route and not terminating it.

President of the National Institute of Civil Aeronautics in Venezuela, Juan Teixeira confirmed the news via Twitter, stating:

“Air France expressed its firm intentions to continue carrying out operations in our country, which have been carried out uninterruptedly for 68 years, once they manage to solve their situation caused by this serious pandemic.”

Eight airlines still fly to Caracas

With the departure of Air France, only eight carriers offer flights to Simón Bolívar International Airport. These are the following airlines:

  • Iberia
  • Turkish Airlines
  • Air Europa
  • Copa
  • TAP Portugal
  • Caribbean Airlines
  • Plus Ultra
  • Wingo

As the situation worsens in Venezuela, the airlines that remain may have to start worrying about their operations’ safety. While Air France may have said that they intend to return, they perhaps forgot to add after President Nicolás Maduro is no longer in power. While perhaps even more far-fetched is the possibility of an American invasion since they have labeled Maduro a narco-terrorist.

Iberia A350
Iberia still flies to Caracas from Madrid. Photo: Iberia

You might remember that the official justification for the invasion of Panama was because its leader Manuel Noriega had turned Panama into a center for money laundering and a transit point for drugs. While Russia and China still back Maduro, this probably won’t happen. However, you never know.

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