Air Greenland Suspends All Commercial Flights

Air Greenland has suspended all commercial flights through April 4th. This comes as countries are stepping up restrictions and encouraging people to travel less. The suspension of these flights started on March 20th.

Air Greenland
Air Greenland is suspending all commercial flights amid the COVID-19 outbreak. Photo: Aero Icarus via Flickr

Suspension of commercial flights at Air Greenland

On its website, Air Greenland confirmed that the airline had suspended flights from March 20th through April 4th. This decision came as part of discussions and directives from authorities on the island.

Air Greenland
Authorities have determined it is best to suspend commercial operations for now. Photo: Kell B. Larsen via Flickr

For passengers with itineraries through April 4th, Air Greenland is issuing automatic refunds for passengers. However, if a travel agent booked your flight, it is best to contact the travel agent. Meanwhile, passengers who are booked on the airline outside the period and want to cancel their travels to Greenland should fill out a form on the airline’s website. Once submitted, the airline will work to issue passengers a refund.

Like many other airlines in the world, Air Greenland is experiencing high wait times. If you are not traveling soon, it is best to wait to call. And, if your flight has been canceled by the airline, try a wait approach up for up to six weeks as it may take time to refund the money.

Air Greenland Suspends All Commercial Flights
Air Greenland is refunding customers automatically if their flights are canceled through April 4th. Photo: Rene Schwietzke via Flickr

Who is Air Greenland?

Greenland, despite being the world’s largest island, does not have a lot of air links. From its hub at Kangerlussuaq Airport, Air Greenland flies to a number of domestic destinations. Internationally, the airline flies to Reykjavik Keflavik International Airport in Iceland and Copenhagen International Airport in Denmark. To the latter, the airline flies its largest plane the A330-200. Meanwhile, for domestic hops, one of the most common aircraft are Dash-8 planes.

Air Greenland Dash 8
The Dash-8 200 is a common aircraft for domestic hops as former Secretary of State John Kerry once flew in. Photo: United States Department of State

In addition, Air Greenland also has a fleet of helicopters. These helicopters support different operations including providing crucial economic links to some of the most remote areas of the island.

Air Greenland helicopter
A fleet of helicopters helps support operations to remote parts of the island. Photo: Air Greenland

Excitingly, the airline is also preparing for its first Airbus A330-800neo. This aircraft, the smallest in the A330neo lineup, will replace the existing Airbus A330-200 that performs some significant flights including off to Copenhagen.


More and more airlines are suspending flights. This comes amid travel restrictions and a general decline in demand for air travel. Air Greenland has suspended all flights through April 4th. Further changes may occur as the situation changes.

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Simple Flying reached out to Air Greenland prior to publication. However, the airline was not immediately available for comment. This article will be updated appropriately.